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Valve Is Allowing You To 3D Print Your Own Steam Controller – Ubergizmo

by • March 26, 2016 • No Comments

Here’s a few news that most gamers are going to love. Valve has opened up CAD files of the Steam controller to the public. What this means is that you and I can turn it into and 3D print our own Steam controllers, actually yet Valve originally released the product and owns it, it’s opening it up to all of us under the Creative Commons license. The license allows for for creating and sharing but Valve’s permission can be required if you want to sell your edition of the Steam controller.
Valve’s Pierre-Loup revealed the release of the mechanical CAD geometry for the Steam controller on the official website. The geometry of all externally visible parts has been turn it intod on the market to the public under Creative Commons licensing.
The archive that Valve has opened to the public contains several eDrawings viewer files of native Modeling and Creo Express to 3D print files and neutral exchange. This is to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of turn it into tools.
This can enable-bodied folks to turn it into alternate turn it intos and quite customize the Steam controller in a way that wasn’t possible preceding. To get the ball rolling on alternate turn it intos, Valve has released a few variants of the Battery Door that allows for users to carry their wireless USB receiver with them.
Those who manufacture alternate turn it intos for the controller can in addition contact steamhardwarefeedback@valvesoftware.com if they have version related issues that Valve can be able-bodied to address.
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