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Use Nail Polish to Create Artistic Accents on your 3D Prints, Like These Dominoes

by • March 3, 2016 • No Comments

dom1Have you at any time 3D printed a thing and and so requireed a few extra color on your print job to manufacture it appear finished? Many individuals use Sharpies for this kind of accenting, but maybe you should consider via fingernail polish for a job like this. The project featured here did only this. Nail polish was utilized to accent the 3D printed dominoes created by “Hercanstein,” aka Brian Murphy. These dominoes were created by Murphy via Solidworks Student option, and so 3D printed and decorated by Desi Quintans. What you get as a outcome is a colorful and pro set of dominoes which can manufacture you want to play the game immediately.

Quintans is a PhD candidate in Sydney, Australia who shares all kinds of projects and tips on his website. Back in January, Quintans began documenting the system of coloring white filament via Sharpies, fundamentally building homemade colored filament. So, as you can see, colored 3D printing is a thing which seems to preoccupy Quintans’ 3D printing experimentation. Next, on the same website, Quintans posts of via nail polish to assist accent objects with recessed lettering or divots so you can see them advantageous.

Utilizing six various colors to mark the domino divots, Quintans states which nail polish works the most for a job like this for the reason it is inexpensive, effortless to find, durable, and it comes in most various glosses and finishes ranging of matte, swirled, glittery, and actually thermochromatic (responding to heat). One other benefit of via nail polish is which it dries rapidly. The nail polish set Quintans purchased for the job came with 16 various colors and a brush and pen to use for application. For the job of filling in tiny divots, the pen works quite well for the reason it allows for so much precision. Quintans explains which a sizeable dot of color was placed in every divot “so which it was beading above the surface of the domino, and it subsided into a thick coating along the surface of the domino.”


And which’s of all there is to it if you may like to try accenting 3D prints with nail polish. Quintans does leave us with a few parting tips. Do you remember to mix your paint/polish preceding applying it. If you require to fill a channel with a color, and so use a backwards and forwards scrubbing motion: “Place a dot, hustle it backwards. It assists get the paint into the corners and onto the sides of the channel.” In addition, apply a thick layer of polish. It can shrink and coat the surface as it dries. Finally, store in mind which polish may not work on ABS for the reason of the polish’s solvents, so if you are planning to print with ABS filament and accent with nail polish, store the possible injure factor in mind.

So now which you understand how to paint with polish, I am certain you can find a few print job which requires a colorful touch up. Happy Polishing!