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Uruguay: No Te Va Gustar Features First 3D Printed Stop Motion Music Video

by • August 11, 2016 • No Comments


The nine participants of NTVG.

With their name translating in English to an edgy, catchy ‘You Won’t Similar to It,’ Uruguayan rock group No Te Va Gustar has been around since 1994. The nine-piece band got together as teenagers, and they’ve stood quite the test of time so far, playing a range of music of rock to salsa and ska. The multi-faceted indie band quite fills up a stage too—both musically and physically—offering an expansive sound with lots to focus on live as they play all the traditional instruments, plus trombone, sax, and trumpet. Whilst they started as a trio, just sat any timeal years later they began expanding their sound additional, along with participants. Definitely not shy of attempting new things, now they they’ve released a revolutionary new videoclip too.

cfd44e59676b357fe05fa729285c6d89With over 10 albums, a number of DVDs, and concerts played all over the world, NTVG has may already left a stamp on the music industry, but which is of to become larger as they manufacture history with the initially 3D printed videoclip. Both the music and art are well worth a listen—and if you are like me—you’ll enjoy it all additional than once at present. (I’ve been looking for a few new tunes, and here they are!)

In ‘La Puerta de Atras,’ (translating to ‘The Back Door’) the band means to represent a new and various world—a fewthing like we’ve nat any time seen. It is powerful and a little dark too. The video is additional compelling—taking you to another new realm. You unquestionably have to see the video to get it fully as you watch a dark figure, approximately representative of an anatomical structure of an art class, remain in constant, frenetic activity via stop motion animation—a ideal match to the beat of the song. Whilst not precisely upbeat, it unquestionably evokes emotion, and appreciation for both the musical artists and these incredibly talented turn it intoers.


A yet of the turn it into system for the video.

The band hired two companies of Uruguay to work on the video: Fabrix 3D, a 3D printing and prototyping company in Uruguay, and digital animation company Enano Maldito.

With all of the turn it into work made by Enano Maldito, Fabrix 3D and so took after to turn it into 300 3D microscopically various samples of the same character you see in the final video, all fabricated on Ultimanufacturer 3D printing devices.


Stop motion animation of the 3D printed characters in the video.


The rather grim 3D printed stop motion character takes a seat.

And while the song and video are rad, this is rather a testament as to the high end provided by an Ultimanufacturer, enabling for awe-inspiring artwork to be generated. They rather may not have asked for a advantageous advertisement for their versatile and rather talked about 3D printing devices, much appreciated by Fabrix 3D:

“It was utopia. No other way to define what happened,” said Federico Waldeck of Fabrix 3D in regards to the project, which he believes may not have been possible without Ultimanufacturer’s machines.

“We printed 300 pieces, 30 hours long at any timey (a few of them took 100 hours) and we delivered the job in a month. It was a goal of side to side. If we had other 3D printing devices doing all wrong and failing constantly in their prints this may have been chaotic.”

LOGO21The astonishing 300 prints were all put together by Enano Maldito in an ongoing stop motion sequence which is rather impressive when you consider all the work which went into it. As Waldeck says quite accurately, ‘they got all the pieces together to manufacture a few magic, and there it is.’ The visuals are mesmerizing, displayed not just in the formal video of NTVG, but in addition the ‘how this was made’ video accompanying it.

Waldeck refers to this 3D printing device as the most at any time conceived, and while you can wonder if which is in fact true, we’ve rather followed most innovations made on the Ultimanufacturer of 3D printed bones which can assist in surgical pre-planning to which of a quite one-of-a-kind recycling project in Europe. There are most examples, howat any time, which attest to the versatility which Ultimanufacturer offers their users.

Be certain to watch the two videos at a lower place, with the latter revealing you how they drew, turn it intoed, and made the awe-inspiring figures. Discuss additional in the 3D Printed Music Video Clip forum over at 3DPB.com.