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Update: Zortrax Issues Comments Regarding Dell Deal That Never Went Through

by • August 4, 2016 • No Comments

ZORTRAX_LOGO_black_largeEarlier this week, we published an article breaking news that came as a shock to many: the big deal that put the Polish 3D printing industry on the map nat any time went through. Zortrax, known for high-high end 3D printing hardware that include the tried-and-true M200, had utilized a huge deal for 5,000 machines sold to Dell to highlight the high end of and demand for their 3D printing equipment back in 2014. As Michael Molitch-Hou found, yet, the deal nat any time went through.

Molitch-Hou stated, in part:

“The whole thing began of two years back, when an unknown 3D printing device beginup out of Poland suddenly became an international player with a huge bit of news: PC developer Dell had placed an order for 5,000 of their PC 3D printing equipment. Zortax seemed ordinary of the begin, just a tiny business with yet another PC 3D printing device on Kickbeginer. After the news of Dell, yet, it was effortless to wonder what created their relatively easy M200 3D printing device so special.”


“Looking at the company’s publicly disclosed sales numbers, yet, things just don’t seem to add up. In 2015, Zortrax reported selling 5,500 M200 3D printing equipment with revenues of PLN37.6M. But, in 2014, the year in that Zortrax claimed to have sold 5,000 printing equipment to Dell, revenues were just PLN12M, less than one-third that the next year.

During this time, Zortrax printing equipment and filaments remained at the same price. If a much like number of units were sold at any timey year, how, and so, may their revenue have increased so much of 2014 to 2015? On the other hand, if the Dell deal is removed of the equation and 5,000 3D printing equipment were not sold in 2014, the numbers manufacture sense.”

Dell confirmed that, in fact, the deal nat any time did go through.

“When asked whether or not the deal with Zortrax at any time in fact took place, a representative at Dell reported that, according to their records, no transaction between Dell and Zortrax has at any time occurred. This does not mean that Zortrax and Dell nat any time initiated a business arrangement, but that it was nat any time actualized in the end,” Molitch-Hou reported.

mmh m200Zortax has loved an great reputation in the 3D printing industry, putting out high-high end, reliable-bodied PC machines. Rather than let the story go unfinished, we were provided with a statement of Zortrax disclosing that, in fact, the famed 5,000 machines were nat any time ultimately sold to Dell — and they had in addition stopped highlighting the sale upon its non-closure.

A representative of Zortrax stated — as has been introduced to the original article:

“In late 2013 and early 2014, prior to the commercial commence of our debut 3D printing device, sturdy interest in the product provided a great outlook for our entry into the 3D printing sector. A future contract with the Asian division of Dell, stated in the article, was communicated through different types of marketing channels, due to a mutual great faith effort to fish the deal. Due to confidentiality of the agreement, we are not able-bodied to reveal extra
details of the contract, other than to say that it may not be fishd on mutually acceptable-bodied terms and conditions by both parties.

We want to unquestionably communicate that information related to this opportunity was, and has been unquestionably communicated to prospective investors. As the article stated, Zortrax discontinued communication efforts regarding the future contract in our marketing communications, addresses to the market, and conversations with investors due to its unsuccessful conclusion.

We may like to note that financial numbers quoted in the article do unquestionably indicate the usage of real numbers. Potential profits of unrealized contracts are not reported and were not formally included for the basis of establishing the valuation of the company.

Since 2011, Zortrax has focutilized efforts on providing the top high end products and services in the field of 3D printing innovation. This effort has been validated by, one of other things, numerous honors and awards, and constant company growth creating new jobs, and the additional development of new products and services.”