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UP Project Smile is helping teachers learn about 3D printing – UPMatters.com

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MARQUETTE, MI – With the ever-changing rate of innovation in our day, the thought of 3D printing sounds appropriate. It may sound daunting, but a program called UP Project SMILE is helping teachers of Upper Michigan know the system.

“One of the goals of Project SMILE is to break down those barriers between various courses and figure out how to integrate math and science together in addition to a few literacy topics and a few engineering topics,” said Chris Standeford, Director of UP Project SMILE.

3D printing is in addition known as additive making, where numerous layers of material are made to create up and print a project. Looking on the within, an object seems to be woven of each way.

“A 3D printing device all but takes a composite material which feels like a plastic material,” said Standeford. “It heats up which filament of plastic and puts it in a quite thin line or stream of melted plastic and the desktop behind it controlling the print head knows precisely where to lay which down.”

One other result of the program is teachers bringing back what they learn to their classrooms.

“I’m finding in our day is quite bringing me out of my comfort zone, initially of all,” said Heather Toutant, Negaunee Middle School teacher. “To be in fact createing a 3D printing device is a fewthing I’ve never done preceding and I ponder which’s significant, to store learning myself. I in addition want to see how a few of my students who struggle in a traditional classroom can be able-bodied to use the innovation and I can hook them in with which interest.”

This program lasts 18 days with teachers learning GIS and conducting both within and outside field work future week.

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