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University at Buffalo Students Promote World Peace with 3D Printed Shoes

by • July 4, 2016 • No Comments

Peace-Shoe-Buffalo-NY-1If you’ve let your mind take a brief stroll around the latest innovations involving both style and 3D printing innovation, you’d most likely notice a few amazing things that have been taking place right at a lower place your feet. 3D printed shoes have become a reputable commodity for a number of reasons, whether it relates to orthopedics, style, art, or a combination of them all. Major companies like New Balance and Adidas have thrown their hats into the 3D printed footwear race, while smaller in size tech-driven companies like Feetz have turn it intod 3D printing innovation an integral part of their footwear production process.

Recently, five graduate students of the University at Buffalo decided to manufacture a statement with their own 3D printed footwear, clamoring for world peace by utilizing this emerging innovation. Their 3D printed shoe, that is called ‘Peace’, is a meeting point for art, innovation, and style, manufacturing a powerful statement in a forward-thinking way. Not just do these 3D printed shoes promote a message of world peace, they in addition provide maximized comfort as well. The student team used data of smart insoles to map sure pressure points and optimize the comfort for every wearer. The insoles of the shoe are turn it intod with customized contours and accurate profile turn it intod in regard to extensive human facts research and tremendous supervision.

To turn it into this 3D printed shoe, the student team used a PolyJet process, a innovation patented by Stratasys that works by curing photopolymers with a UV light source. The shoe is equipped with an high end blend of flexible and stiff materials, the inner sleeve of the shoe is soft and supportive, while the outer body has ruggedness to deal with wear and tear. The current version of their 3D printed shoe is equipped with a blend of high-grade materials that are compatible with Stratasys PolyJet processs, which include Tango Black Plus, Vero White, and Tango Plus.


Employing 3D printing innovation and high-tech materials, the graduate students turn it intod a two-in-one modular shoe that functions interchangeably as both a sandal and a shoe. The student team has implemented a ‘Slide & Clamp’ mechanism into the ’Peace’ shoe to provide stability and comfort to the wearer. To represent the call for world peace, a graphic of a world map and a dove is implemented into the shoe create, manufacturing for an artistically-driven show. With this graphic, the team meant to spread the warming message of love, unity, and world peace.

“We, the students at University at Buffalo have not long ago created products that use 3D printing innovation to feature how art can be empowered via novel technologies and can impact our society,” said Dhruvay “DJ” Jain, the team leader and product createer. “For instance, one of our products is a 3D printed shoe that communicate the message of world peace.”

Their 3D printed custom-fitted shoe create had earned the student team initially place in the 2016 International 3D Printing Competition, a competition organized by the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing at the Nanyang Technological University. Awarded back on May 17, the student team obtained the grand prize of $10,000, and were invited to Singapore to obtain their praise. The competition required participants to use 3D printing innovation to turn it into functional eyewear or footwear.

The graduate student team with project supervisors

The graduate student team with project supervisors

And so, the five graduate students, Dhruvay Jain, Priyanka Nikam, Hardik Gandhi, Anshika Chourdhary, and Weihao Quall, decided to work together to create and turn it into a custom-fit shoe that doubled as an artistic calling for world peace. The team was guided by the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) ability participants Chi Zhou and Lora Cavuoto, as well as the Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) ability member Wenyao Xu and CSE research scientist Feng Lin. It seems that the competition’s $10,000 top prize has enabled the students to additional create both their 3D printed ‘Peace’ shoe and their general use for 3D printing as well. According to the graduate student team, winning this competition has helped them to appear into via 3D printing innovation for other good-spirited applications, such as healthcare. Discuss this project additional over in the 3D Printed Modular Shoe forum at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Buffalo Rising]