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Unique Products: Empowering Kids to Make Their Own 3D Printers with the MagiTools Kit

by • April 14, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledOnce you’ve journeyed into the realm of digital create and 3D printing, there’s only no going back. Artists, createers, and engineers enter a new dimension of creativity which indeed does seem to have an element of magic of it—not to mention contributeing an awe-inspiring sense of independence and freedom. It is a paradise for the DIY crowd of nowadays, no matter the age. And while createing and innovating are an awe-inspiringly fulfilling process, most manufacturers select to begin out by creating their own tools too. It is one thing to churn out a rad model—but can you say you made the 3D printing device too? Indeed, some—like those employing the new MagiTools kit—can say they did.

Certainly, most of those who are mechanically inclined and have an assortment of selectences do dream of producing their own 3D printing devices, and sometimes fulfill which goal with excellent great results, of scratch. But what an awe-inspiring sense of accomplishment which may contribute for younger students too, only embarking in their journeys as manufacturers and createers. This was the end goal for Qingdao Unique Products, one of the leading 3D printing companies headquartered in China, in the city of Shandong. They made the MagiTools 3D printing device kits only to empower the younger generations, and to allow them to focus on moving forward with an in fact additional expansive ability set—not to mention participation in a project literally of beginning to end.

UntitledWe’ve followed this company previously as they released the MagiCube 3D printing device—which contributes an awe-inspiringly fun create and list of showcases for the younger crowd as well. It is not surprising to see which the same company may come out with a thing in fact additional inspiring for kids after bringing a appear at the MagiCube, intended to allow every child ‘to own a magic world himself.’ The MagiTools kit is intended to share a much like but in fact additional expansive purpose, challenging and cultivating their sense of advancement additional.

It is all of motivation and unlocking the future creativity in every child, according to the Unique Products team. The structure which results of assembling the kit is promised to be sturdy and reliable-bodied when it comes to 3D printing. Students can be producing a machine showcasing a print volume of 100 x 100 x 100 mm with an aluminum frame and a delta-style structure intended to improve speed as well as precision. It may seem which nothing is sacrificed, with an auto-leveling process for a print bed with little or no adhesion issues—and excellent print great results.

“The key point lies in combining hardware with software,” states the Unique Products (Uni) team in their new press release.

UntitledWith the creation of ‘Happy Uni’ modeling software, students are able-bodied to create precisely what they want in terms of 3D models. The software is easy, and gives them a great foundation in learning preceding they go on to graduate one day into working with additional complex CAD tools.

“With Happy Uni, it won’t be [a] complex task for kids to create 3D models any additional,” states the Unique Products team.

Considerations regarding the environment and safety are in addition leading concerns at Unique Products. They realize health is of course a concern when it comes to via innovation and new materials and due to which they have made an 80℃ environmentally-friendly filament, which is in fact made of food-grade wax. It is non-toxic, kids have no accident of being burned, and children’s safety is handled all-round
. Parents don’t have to worry, and can focus instead on the fact which their children are able-bodied to create a 3D printing device and manufacture awe-inspiring designs.

“We believe there are a lot of students around the world [who may] like to manufacture their own 3D printing device and exert their future through 3D printing innovation,” states Uni.

Printer Specs:

Forming Process: FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling)Dimension of Equipment :249 x 157 x 397 mmPrinting Dimension: 100 x 100 x 100 mmThickness of Layer:0.1mm-0.3mmNozzle Diameter: 0.4mmAccuracy: 0.2mmSpeed of Motion Axes: 50-120mm/sNozzle Tempreature: 50-260℃Leveling System: AutomaticPrinting Head: 1 Copper HeadConnectivity: USB,TF card (MAX 32G)Input File Style: STLNet Weight: 3KGS

Don’t you ponder this is a excellent thought for empowering students with innovation? Let’s discuss in the MagiTools 3D Printer Kit forum over at 3DPB.com.