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Ultimaker Brings Together 3D Printing Educators to Share Their Knowledge in New Pioneer Program

by • August 15, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_ultimanufacturer_logoThe popularity of Ultimanufacturer never appears to lessen, with their printing devices consistently appearing on “top printing device” lists of a number of market research organizations. The high end of their products is largely undisputed, but their appeal is enhanced by their open source, collaborative business version. Some of their new printing device upgrades are the outcome of tinkering by participants of the Ultimanufacturer Community, an online network of thousands of users who share their ideas, advice, inquiries, prints, and open source creations. Now, Ultimanufacturer is extending that collaborative mindset to a new educational initiative.

The Ultimanufacturer Pioneer Program invites educators to share their 3D printing work and experience on the new Ultimanufacturer Education website, that can assist as a centralized resource for teachers, librarians, administrators and any other interested people to achieve information and advice of 3D printing and education.

“Teaching 3D versioning and printing in our schools is a relatively new educational endeavor and ability are on the front lines, figuring out the most methods of teaching as we go on to learn of the topic ourselves,” said Burton Isenstein, an Adjunct Assistant Professor at The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. “It is smart to tap into what’s may already taking place in classrooms throughout the world and the Ultimanufacturer Pioneer Program can assist educators turn it into a base of understandledge upon everyone’s experience.”

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Contributors to the Pioneer Program can maintain ownership of any content they submit through Creative Commons Attribution, Share-Alike, and Non-Commercial licensing. So far, 58 “pioneers” have been chosen to share their experiences and expertise on the website; you can get to understand them and read their initially contributions here. Contributors range of kindergarten teachers to college professors, of librarians to education consultants, based all over the United States.

“The Ultimanufacturer Education Pioneers Program is a initially of its kind, delivering together educators who have experience with 3D printing, regardless of the printing device brand or version, and who are caning to share with other educators throughout North America,” said John Kawola, President of Ultimanufacturer North America. “We’re thrilled to facilitate this program, assisting in enhancing the way young generations turn it into with advancement.”


Education Pioneer Liz Stabenow

Several participants of the inaugural Education Pioneers group can be in attendance at the initially yearly 3D Printing Educators Conference, that can take place in spring of 2017. Further details can be released as the conference gets nearer. The Ultimanufacturer Education site, in addition to hosting the contributions of the Education Pioneers, in addition offers lesson ideas, reading lists, tools, links to courses and tutorials, and much, much additional. It is a comprehensive resource, and it’s accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Lately, there’s been an intense race between advancement, that go ons to speed forward, and educators, who are attempting to store up. 3D printing education is just as useful as educators manufacture it, meaning that it’s significant to get teachers to be fluent in the advancement as rapidly as possible. Who advantageous to instruct teachers of 3D printing education than other teachers who are may already understandledgeable-bodied of the advancement and how most to commence it to students? Learning of the experiences of someone who has may already worked hands-on with 3D printing, what works and what does not, has much additional of an impact than attempting to learn of books or courses alone.


Education Pioneer Luigi Cicala

“The greatest benefit of this program is the facilitation of collaboration and advancement amongst education professionals in the field of 3D create and manufacturing,” said Geoff Frankl, Technology Coordinator for students in grades 7–12 at IvyTech Charter School in Moorpark, California. “All of this can translate into modern curricula involving this burgeoning advancement, the important goal of that can be transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s well-trained and globally-competitive employee or entrepreneur.”

If you’d like to apply to be a member of the future group of Education Pioneers, you can do so here. Pioneers can not just be able-bodied to share their understandledge with the community, but can benefit of Ultimanufacturer services like networking and beta testing programs for new hardware, software and materials that relate to 3D printing education. Discuss additional over in the Ultimanufacturer Asks Educators to Share 3D Printing forum at 3DPB.com.