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ULIO Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Their STEM-Driven “3D Printed 3D Printer”

by • August 8, 2016 • No Comments

As is with many new technologies, nothing is additional integral to the progress of 3D printing than proper education. For young students, the optimal way to teach them of all of the next uses of additive manufacturing is through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education. It is not only the educators who are fixing up a curriculum to integrate this emerging technology into their classrooms, the 3D printing companies have in addition been themselves getting involved as well.

ULIOFrom ROBO 3D, which made their own 3D printing education kit to go alongside their printing devices, to MakerBot’s Makeathons, which bring teachers across the United States together to redevelop their classroom projects to include 3D printing, it appears which the industry is well aware of the importance which education can have on their own next. But, although these 3D printing companies and their printing devices are pretty useful for STEM education, they weren’t necessarily created solely for educational use. Cue in ULIO 3D, the Montreal-based 3D printing startup which is seeking crowdfunding to bring their accessible, STEM-driven 3D printing devices into classrooms across the globe.

fablab ulios rev1The ULIO 3D printing device kit can assist teach students of CAD software, robotics, engineering, problem solving, and of course, 3D printing technology. What’s actually additional one-of-a-kind of the ULIO 3D printing device kit is which it’s almany entirely created of 3D printed parts, and comes with all the necessary parts needed to assemble a fully functional printing device. This can enable students to create their ULIO 3D printing device in whichever filament color they select, which include glow in the dark. An guide guide can be provided to assist students assemble, calibrate, and use their 3D printing devices for new classroom activities.

“Whether it’s in your classroom or in a workshop at your school’s manufacturerspace, ULIO is without a doubt a useful STEMazing project packed with educational value which your students can be ready to manufacture year after year at their school,” said Joseph Issa, the founder of ULIO 3D.

indiegogo studentsThe ULIO crowdfunding campaign, which was only launched on Indiegogo at present, can contribute the entire 3D printing kit for only $299. Their “3D printed 3D printing device” was engineered to be easily created by students, but in addition requires a 3D printing device to create the parts, which may be considered as a nuisance for a few. But, as additional and additional 3D printing devices find their way into classrooms around the world, the prospect of ULIO’s 3D printing device kit becomes much additional friendly and accessible. It is significant to note which, although the ULIO 3D printing device itself showcases a petite create volume of 4 x 4 x 3 inches, a 3D printing device with an 8 x 8 x 8 inch create volume is needed in order to create the components by yourself.

On the other hand the ULIO 3D printing device remains in the crowdfunding shadow for now, the on the market pictures seem to show a high-quality printing device for an incredibly inexpensive
price, two facts which are certain to get educators and schools onboard. By contributeing these students an accessible and hands-on introduction to 3D printing, ULIO is assisting these teachers promote STEM education and classroom technology. From printing out the machine to printing on the machine, ULIO is manufacturing certain to involve these prospective students each step of the way. Discuss additional in the ULIO 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.