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From their Series 1 Pro 3D printing device to their Print Pod, the California-based company Type A Machines has approached the 3D printing market with an new and RepRap-fueled spirit. This has helped the 3D printing company garner a well-respected reputation in the Maker community. And now, Type A Machines is growing their material capabilities with the new ProMatte 3D printing device filament. The firm’s initially filament, ProMatte was created in collaboration with the filament developer Polymaker, who has released a number of high-high end materials, which include PC-Plus, PolyMax, PolyWood, and many others. But the newly generated ProMatte filament has a number of particular qualities which seem to set it apart of your day to day PLA.


For starters, the surface finish of the ProMatte appears to conquer the issue of visual layering which usually hinders FFF printing, achieving a production high end surface right of the print bed. With no require for post-processing, the ProMatte aims to save a lot of time and effort for Makers looking to smooth out their prints. The new filament is in addition incredibly lightmass, of one-third the mass of standard PLA material. At the same time, the ProMatte is in addition reportedly additional flexible and malleable than other standard PLA material, building this all-encompassing filament the optimal choice for a number of prototyping or production-based applications. The ProMatte is especially useful in situations where the create requires both lightmass and functional objects or parts.


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“With a progressive material like ProMatte, we answer the question of how to improve high end in a way no-one else has done before,”said Andrew Rutter, the founder and CTO Type A Machines. “ProMatte changes the way folks ponder of 3D printing.”


Ivory White Matte

Unlike many other PLA filaments, the ProMatte is in addition highly workable, enabling for an actually smoother surface finish through sanding, torching, carving, or actually tumbling to remove artifacts and strings. The ProMatte filament is already on the market for purchase in the Type A keep in Black Matte and Ivory White Matte, retailing at $58 USD per spool (500g/230 meters). Whether you are an industrial createer, engineer, or actually an artist looking to complete the smoothest finish, lightest mass, and many flexibility, you may be wise to direct your attention towards the ProMatte filament, and Type A Machines’ 3D printing innovation as well.

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