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Turn Your Drone into a Work of Art

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

Drones are hot right now, and are developing rapidly
, not only in terms of innovation but in addition
aesthetics. Ferrari, Harley-Davidson and other sizeable brand name vehicle developers have massive followings for the reason
their products don’t only perform, they appear excellent while doing it. Drones may be earlier in their adoption of aesthetic creations but can most likely go the same route as high end cars as customization and appearing rad become increasingly significant to consumers.

One Shapeways developer and drone developer recognizes this. Microdronecases, a shop run by beloved shop owner Kai Branchers (who in addition
runs a shop producing decorative home goods and artwork
), is creating new sculptural cases for customizing your microdrone, like the Microdone 3.0 of extremeflyers, one of the radest little drones to come out in years. 980871_1036082129784457_7244704189508583867_o

For the past few weeks Kai has been documenting his system
of adopting his “wasp” case to the new Microdrone 3.0 body on his Facebook page and the results are a pleasure to watch. It quite
transforms the drone into a giant flying bee.

Keep an eye on the Microdronecases Shapeways shop and their Facebook page for additional rad cases to customize the Microdrone 3.0

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