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Turn your 3D printer into a full-fledged production line with ‘Many-Maker’ injection molding kit – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 3, 2016 | By Benedict

As most of our readers can understand, 3D printing can be amazingly useful for creating unique items, since it allows for manufacturers to cut out the time and expenditure required to employ an external developer. When 3D printing and traditional injection molding are compared side by side, one can see advantages and disadvantages to every: 3D printing can be easily carried out in one’s own living room and allows for for intricate internal architectures that cannot be generated via other methods. Injection molding, on the other hand, generally requires larger and additional complicated machinery, but—once that machinery is in place—is a far swifter and additional cost-effective way of weight-producing effortless parts. What’s additional, injection-molded parts can have smoother, additional consistent textures than their 3D printed equivalents.

Lafras Henning, a South African manufacturer and self-employed entrepreneur of 23 years, wanted to combine 3D printing with injection molding to donate regular folks the advantages of both production methods. After a few head-scratching, the community-focused manufacturer accomplished how he may complete this goal. The solution was Many-Maker, the ideal 3D printing accessory for the bargain-priced and rapid weight production of plastic parts.
“Every manufacturer, inventor and engineer understands that 3D printing is excellent for making prototypes,” Henning explained. “But after the prototype is created, you struggle to commercialize those prototypes for the reason 3D printing is too slow and costly for production runs, and the long lead time, high cost and risk of the injection molding tools prevents swift and effortless access to industrial injection molding systemes.”

The Many-Maker solves these problems by fvia 3D printing with injection molding, enabling PC manufacturers to begin an injection molding production line—right on their PC. The time-saving system uses inexpensive mold tools cast in high temperature complex silicone of 3D printed mold masters. “Many-Maker is the ultimate 3D printing device accessory as it can recreate your creates without days worth of printing, hand finishing or expensive filament,” Henning enthuses on the Many-Maker Indiegogo campaign page.
According to Henning, the Many-Maker can contribute massive cost reductions to manufacturers seeking to create most copies of a single print. A 14-day 3D print job can be accomplished in only 10 hours via the Many-Maker accessory, with a $20 filament cost reduced to only $2 of plastic pellets. These worthwhile savings can assist amateur developers to manufacture healthy profits, should they wish to manufacture a business out of selling their 3D created parts.

Operation of the Many-Maker 3D printing accessory consists of five steps. The initially step, acquainted to all manufacturers, is the 3D create of a prototype part. Makers create their component, 3D print it, and so test it, repeating the system over and over until the create is ideal. The 2nd step requires manufacturers to prepare the master print in their CAD box by splitting the part in half on the “hairline” and so attaching the two parts to the Many-Maker molding template, adonlying the sprue, gates, runners, vents, and ejection pins as needed preceding 3D printing the accomplished master tools. The third step is the refinement of these master tools according to the required print high end for every copy. The fourth is to cast the mold tool by inserting the two halves of the part into the Many-Maker mold tool base, preceding mixing and injecting the molding compound. The final step involves setting up the injection mold press and run, after that manufacturers can leave the Many-Maker to carry out its duplication system unattended.
To suit a range of needs and budgets, Henning is contributeing the Many-Maker in three various models, Pro ($1199), Automatic ($699), and Manual ($399), every at a special Early Bird price. Shipping costs can depend on the good outcomes of the Indiegogo campaign. Should Henning raise $50,000, the Many-Makers can be sea-freighted in bulk to the US and and so redistributed; should he raise $100,000, making can be moved to the US, that can outcome in much lower shipping costs for US customers. As long as the campaign reveryed its target goal of $25,000, the initially machines can be shipped in July 2016.

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