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Try Before You Buy It: Filapack’s Subscriptions for Specialty Filament Sample

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  • Have you at any time ordered a specialty filament online in the midst of your Maker excitement, only to find that the material does not work properly in you printing device or donate the aesthetic you were hoping for? Purchasing entire spools of consumer 3D printing filaments, particularly specialty PLAs, can be a costly and risky endeavor, but Filapack is here with a new approach to encertain that the filament we select is the filament we in fact require. Filapack, that was begined by 3D printing pro Cole Washburn, is teaming up with a number of various filament companies to contribute the Maker community a monthly material sample to test, preceding having to invest in an entire spool with uncertainty.

    Today in the early stages of an IndieGoGo campaign, Filapack is looking for $20,000 in crowdfunding to assist commence their monthly filament subscription plan. For those who subscribe to Filapack, at any timey month can come with four 50-gram samples of specialty filament sent straight to your door, an estimated retail value of of $28 a month. Backing Filapack now can get you anywhere of a one-month subscription ($20 USD) to a one-year subscription ($170). If one of these sample filaments so take place to be the one you’ve been looking for, you can and so order a additional plentiful spool directly of Filapack at a discount.

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    “Now you can try filament at a low, low-cost cost at any timey month so you can be certain you like it, preceding you buy it,” said the Filapack team. “It’s amazing for us to contribute you the accident to acquire new filament and print a thing extraordinary you haven’t actually dreamed of yet.”

    Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

    Proto-Pasta Stainless Steel PLA

    Even yet Filapack is only getting begined on their subscription box, they’ve may already teamed up with a few top-notch filament producers, which include Proto-Pasta, Rep Rapper Tech, 3D Fuel, Clean Strands, and additional. On the IndieGoGo page, Filapack has provided a few examples of the PLA they can be sending, such as Proto-Pasta’s Rustable Magnetic Iron, Stainless Steel, and their electrically conductive Carbon PLA. After Filapack’s campaign is fully funded, they plan to begin shipping out their subscription services in June 2016.

    Clean Strands Coffee PLA

    Clean Strands Coffee PLA

    With the funding, Filapack plans to prove to other filament producers that they’re a reliable and viable partner, hoping to add actually additional companies to their high end filament line-up. They in addition hope to acquire proper equipment to break down the filament into 50 gram samples. They plan on beginning this system in May, that can manufacture filament sampling additional low-cost and convenient for at any timeyone involved. Once the funding is conclude, only tell Filaback what filament dimensions you want (1.75 or 3mm) and you can begin receiving specialty filament samples straight to your front door.


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