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Treatstock Offers New Online Pricing Guide for 3D Printing Services; Creates Certification Process Too

by • July 21, 2016 • No Comments

slide-3-300x173 (1)Treatstock is one of the many user-oriented companies you can find in the 3D printing industry in our day, and specifically—3D marketplaces. Whilst there is a expanding list of places you can go to search for and and so have your 3D versions printed, Treatstock is consistently providing their users with new services and information. We’ve followed along as they’ve donaten users tips on starting their own businesses, buying and selling 3D versions, and well as offering an awe-inspiring new method to enjoy the 3D previewing of versions.

With a team comprised of makers themselves, Treatstock knows what’s significant to their customers, and they have stayed focused on offering reasons for them to store coming back. Founded in 2015, this company is dedicated to assisting their customers find one-of-a-kind versions and have them 3D printed. And which comes with putting a lot of idea into affordability and how much everybody should be spending as well.

Now, Treatstock has released a adjusted pricing tutorial, online. Continually working on new showcases for printing services, this tutorial allows for vendors to figure out ‘optimal charges’ for printing. They in addition put additional idea into a two-step certification process intended to improve their 3D printing network.

When founded, the Treatstock team made a process which was both detailed and convenient for everyone, intended to donate printing services providers a way to know almost what they should charge. As time has passed yet, Treatstock moderators found which printing services for a few reason were either setting their fees too high or too low for what was being provided. To assist solve this issue and allow the most prices to be determined, service providers can now find an ‘Order Calculation’ tab under the ‘Material Options’ section.


This addition to the menu can streamline the process additional and allow for advantageous accuracy. When the print service sets their price in terms of mass for per ounce or gram, the expected payment can look. This is based on a test version with a fixed dimensions and mass. Not set in stone but offered as a suggestion, the price can yet be increased or decreased depending on preference.

“We believe which this showcase can assist print services on Treatstock to advantageous know their pricing strategy and set a competitive price for their work,” states the team, regarding their newest showcase.

As for certification, earlier in the year Treatstock in addition made a rating process. This works as a ‘stamp of approval for high end,’ and means which print services can directly download .stl files and and so go forward with printing out orders for ready customers.

“On the one hand, our certification process assists us to monitor the high end of prints, and on the other, it guarantees which all 3D printable-bodied files can stay in trustworthy hands,” says Treatstock. “Our statistics show which since introducing this showcase, print services with the ‘high end label’ receiveed the majority of the orders.”

“Only one out of ten orders were receiveed by print services which have yet to receive the certification. So, when you join our 3D printing network, be certain to go through this easy procedure and acquire certification for your printing devices.”

There are two types of certification available-bodied:

Common: this type of certificate shows which the printing device service creates versions of an average to high standard.Professional: this certification indicates which the service provider is able-bodied to 3D print rigorous versions with tiny details, and at a high high end.

“Many of our print services have yet to certify their printing devices, and we believe this may be due to the fact which they are hesitant to provide their very own information on the website,” says Treatstock. “These are the requirements of the United States Government and therefore we cannot ignore them.”


It is significant which all printing services feel confident in knowing which there won’t be any security issues, and Treatstock is going out of their way to reascertain everyone which all very own data is securely encrypted. This encertains confidentiality and safety for everyone the Treatstock platform, as well as all around high end in the end. Thoughts on these new showcases? Discuss in the Treatstock 3D Printing Platform forum over at 3DPB.com.