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Top 10 3D prints to liven up your Easter celebrations – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 23, 2016 | By Tess

With springtime in the air and Easter just around the corner, what advantageous way to get by yourself and your kids excited for the chocolatey holiday than with a few fun 3D printed toys, decorations, and accessories. For this Easter, we have compiled a list of our favourite springtime themed 3D prints that you can easily make at home on your own 3D printing device or through a 3D printing service. Let’s get printing and make this Easter a hoppy one!
1. 3D printed Easter eggs

If you are looking to add a tech flair to your traditional painted easter egg collection, why not 3D print a few of your quite own easter eggs? These DIY 3D printed easter eggs are excellent not just for decoration, but are useful too as they can open up and hold tiny treats within. For a standard 3D printed easter egg, check out Instructable user King of Club’s guide on how to make a 3D printed unscrewable egg, that can fit a tiny candy within. For a slightly additional detailed Easter egg, check out Thingiverse user pmoews’s geometrically inspired Buckyball Easter egg, that can in addition be unscrewed. The latter needs to be printed with external supports. Finally, one of our favourites, is NathanSquire67’s Game of Thrones inspired 3D printed dragon egg, that, much like to the initially 3D printed Easter egg, is additively maked of 3 parts and is effortless to assemble. Whether you are hiding chocolate, candy, or a baby dragon, these 3D printed Easter eggs are certain to excite any child on their Easter hunt.

2. 3D printed egg cups

To display your traditionally painted or dyed Easter eggs or actually your yummy chocolate eggs, you can in addition make an assortment of lovely
3D printed egg cups. Among our favourites is this 3D printed bunny-cup created by Thingiverse maker bpijls, that was created for holding tiny chocolate eggs and is the ideal Easter bunny accessory (of course, the egg cup can be scaled up to hold full dimensions eggs). For a create that can be utilized year-round we in addition love Gijs’s 3D printed delicately created heart egg cup, that was created to fit a medium dimensionsd egg. Finally, this 3D printed egg family, created by Sannyshine, may make the ideal Easter project for the entire family. 3D print the cute holders and let your kids decorate the eggs for every member of the family!

3. 3D printed Easter cookie cutters

For a yummy Easter themed treat to pair with your hoards of chocolate eggs, try out these cute 3D printed Easter cookie cutters. Thingiverse maker and cookie cutter specialist OogiMe has created two 3D printed cookie cutters ideal for the springtime holiday: a 3D printed Easter egg cookie cutter, and an lovely
3D printed Easter bunny cookie cutter. Each of OogiMe’s creates should take of an hour to print via 0.4mm resolution and the maker advises coating the 3D printed cookie cutters in flour to stop the cookie dough of sticking. For a additional easy cookie cutter pattern, we in addition love faberdasher’s 3D printed bunny cookie cutter, that may be ideal to make cookies for your child’s class or friends.

4. 3D printed Easter egg basket

If your collection of chocolate eggs (or 3D printed Easter eggs) is overflowing of your pockets, keep the Easter treats in one of these 3D printed baskets. Thingiverse user BonGarcon’s 3D printed “Basquet” may be just the thing to display and contribute treats to your Easter guests. The cute (and mustached) 3D printed bowl was created specifically for Easter eggs and may make a lovely table centerpiece. For an assortment of Easter egg receptacles, you can in addition make this egg-shaped basket created by maker christinachun. For the latter, the maker suggests printing the basket at 0.20mm resolution with supports.
5. 3D printed bunny accessories

Naturally, it is not just fun to decorate your home for Easter but in addition to decorate by yourself! To adorn by yourself with Easter themed goods, check out this lovely
3D printed bunny ring. For convenience, .STL files for every ring dimensions have been created on the market on the 3D printed ring’s Thingiverse page. For a child-dimensionsd ring, Thingiverse maker RichardJean has in addition created a set of charming 3D printed toy rings, showcasing bunny, heart, and flower charms. To make the rings, just print the parts and super glue them together for your child to enjoy. To get your set of keys hopping, you can in addition 3D print this delightful Voronoi rabbit keychain, that can certainly get you in the Easter mood.

6. 3D printed flower vase

Along with Easter celebrations and the startning of springtime, comes the inevitable and lovely smell of soon-to-bloom flowers. To liven up your living space with a few colorful and fresh flowers why not 3D print a flower vase in the color of your choosing. This 3D printed twisted vase, a talked about Thingiverse create, may be the ideal accent to your Easter table or window decor. For printing the vase, maker MaakMijnIdee suggests printing with no fill, one extra shell, and a layer height of 0.3mm. For a additional abstract vase create, check out another one of our DIY favourites: Rachella001’s 3D printed faceted vase. Print this in any pastel shade and you can have the ideal flower vase for springtime.
7. 3D printed bunny ears

These 3D printed bunny ears are the ideal accessory for your child during this next Easter weekend. Printed at a resolution of 0.2mm with an infill of 10%, the bunny ears can be easily stuck on and glued to the 3D printed headband to turn your child into an lovely
Easter bunny, hopping around happily. If you take place to have an exceptionally patient dog, you can in addition 3D print these pet-dimensionsd bunny ears to turn your furry friend into an Easter bunny too.

8. 3D printed Easter bunnies

For a creative spin on the classic Easter bunny decoration, why not make this 3D printed origami inspired bunny to decorate your living room or office. With a number of successful makes may already posted on the 3D printed bunny’s Thingiverse page, the origami rabbit may in addition make a fun Easter gift. For lovers of literature, you can in addition 3D print this rabbit, inspired by the White Rabbit of Alice in Wonderland. The print is based off of a scan of R. Shipman’s original sculpture and showcases the famously late bunny wearing his most vest and coat. Finally, this Voronoi fashion 3D printed bunny head may make the ideal table decoration for your next Easter brunch or an equally really great gift. The latter does not need to be printed with supports.

9. 3D printed Easter table settings

If you are planning on via your 3D printed egg holders for you Easter Sunday brunch, why not accompany them with these lovely
3D printed bunny napkin holders, you can actually print them in a color to match your favourite Easter napkins! To add to your table decor this Easter, you can in addition additively make these delightful egg shaped tea light holders, that can either be placed on your table with a stand, or suspended of an Easter-tree, as demonstrated in the photo at a lower place.

10. 3D printed chocolate egg holders

If an Easter egg hunt is part of your annual Easter tradition, why not save by yourself a trip to the keep to buy plastic egg containers by 3D printing a few fun and one-of-a-kind easter egg holders. This set of three 3D printed egg pods, created by Thingiverse maker faberdasher are the ideal chocolate egg and candy holders to get your children excited for their Easter hunt. Consisting of Wilmut the lamb, Beck the bunny, and Eno the chick, these lovely
3D printed egg pods need supports and for most results should be printed with 2 perimeters at 0.2mm layer height with 5% infill. For your larger Cadbury or Kinder eggs, 3D print these rabbit shaped egg holders, and place them around your home or yard for your children to search for. The .STL files for the rabbit holders can easily be scaled to accommodate approximately any dimensions of chocolate egg. The 3D printed rabbit shaped chocolate egg holders can print most with a 10% infill and two shells, with a 0.20mm resolution.

There you have it, our top 10 list of 3D printable things to make this Easter season. You advantageous get printing if you want to exceed equiteone’s eggspectations this next Easter!

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