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Mar 16, 2016 | By Tess
Equite year on March 17th, cities and towns around the world are painted green in celebration of Ireland’s foremost patron saint, Saint Patrick. The day, which traditionally celebrates the beginning of Christianity in Ireland and Irish culture in general, is a time for equiteone, Irish or not, to indulge in all things of the Emerald Isle.
To assist get the manufacturer community in the mood for the next Irish festival, we have put together a list of our top ten 3D printed Saint Patrick’s Day accessories, which can be worn, carried or utilized in your Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, whether which be sitting in a pub with friends having a pint, partaking in a St. Patty’s Day parade, or singing traditional Irish folk songs.
1. 3D Printed Lucky Charms

But it may seem obvious, what advantageous way to get into the St. Patty’s Day mood than by adorning by yourself with a few 3D printed lucky charms? This set of 3D printable Irish inspired charms, on the market on Thingiverse, include a horseshoe, a leprechaun hat, and of course, a four leaf clover. The charms, which we suggest 3D printing in green, were uploaded by The Microsoft Store onto Thingiverse for anyone to manufacture. And, as the charms take just 10-20 minutes to print (on a Replicator 2 at a 10% infill), what’s stopping you of building 3D printed lucky charms for all your friends! Be certain to spread the luck of the Irish this St. Patty’s Day.
2. 3D Printed Shamrock Box

If you take place to need a fewthing to hold your lucky charms, whether they are your 3D printed ones or the cereal, why not 3D print this charming shamrock box? Similar to the 3D printed charms, the shamrock box is a straightforward print, which does not need any supports or rafts and can be printed at a 50% infill. The box, unless it is scaled, meacertains 4.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 1 inch, and comes with a cover, to store your lucky charms safe.
3. 3D Printed Shamrock Shot Glass

If you are after a slightly extra
debaucherous St. Patty’s Day celebration, maybe this 3D printed shamrock shot glass is extra
your speed. The festive shot glass was uploaded by Thingiverse user Landru, who urges manufacturers to enjoy his print but to in addition drink responsibly! Landru has in addition uploaded the .STL file as a solid object, if manufacturers want to hollow the glass out themselves. In addition significant to note, as the shamrock glass can be utilized to house liquids, you may be advantageous off printing at a high infill rate, as well as building certain you are via a food-safe plastic material. Bottoms up!
4. 3D Printed Celtic Coasters

Once you’ve had your shot, or maybe have taken a sip of a fresh pint of Guinness, place your glass down on these awea few 3D printed celtic themed coasters, uploaded by Thingiverse manufacturer ijprest. The coaster create was inspired by another item on our list (see #10) but has been adjusted in terms of its dimensions and shape to advantageous hold a glass. The 3D printed coasters, while a excellent accessory for Saint Patrick’s Day, may in addition be utilized yearlong to preserve your furniture of dreaded glass rings.
5. 3D Printed Shamrock Eyeglasses

If you love Saint Patrick’s Day parades as much as I do, you know which dressing up for them is may already half the fun. If you’ve got your green outfit laid out for the festivities may already, ponder of adding these DIY 3D printable shamrock glasses to your ensemble. The 3D printed glasses, uploaded by Proto3000 are printed in separate parts—the frame and the legs—and can be easily assembled with no extra tools needd. Check out the video at a lower place to see how shnazzy the 3D printed shamrock frames can appear.
6. 3D Printed Noisemanufacturer

Equite now and and so manufacturers need to manufacture a few noise, and what advantageous way to be loud than with a 3D printed noisemanufacturer at your local Saint Patrick’s Day parade? Along with your 3D printed shamrock glasses, and your lucky charms, you are certain to turn a few heads this March 17th with this loud accessory (yet we can’t guarantee they can be pleased heads!). This 3D printed noisemanufacturer, uploaded by MakerBot, consists of four 3D printable parts which include the body, the clicker, the gear, and the handle, which can be easily assembled by fitting the pieces together. The assembly does not need any extra
parts, and as MakerBot suggests, the pieces can be printed at a 3% infill.
7. 3D Printed Shamrock Bookmark

There are of course those who select to avoid the crowds and cacophony of Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, but which does not mean which the day can’t be loved extra
quietly. If you’ve planned to curl up with a cup of green tea and a great James Joyce or Oscar Wilde book this March 17th, why not save your page with this 3D printed shamrock bookmark? The print was createed by the Maker Club, which has created a series of 3D printed paperclips in the past, to pay homage to the Irish cultural celebration.
8. 3D Printed Shamrock Vase

If you’ve gone out to collect your own bunch of clovers to place in your windowsill or on your table this St. Patty’s Day, consider building your quite own 3D printed shamrock vase to put them in. Thingiverse user UrbanAtWork not long ago uploaded the create for his 3D printed four leaf clover vase, and yet his own print appears to have clogged at the top of the vase, there is future to manufacture a great print. The .STL file is a solid, so UrbanAtWork suggests printing with no fill and no roof and with a 0.2mm layer height.
9. 3D Printed Leprechaun Trap for kids

If you have lots of children to entertain this Saint Patrick’s Day or are appearing for a fun way to get your child involved in 3D printing, Thingiverse user MrKindergarten has createed a fun 3D printed leprechaun trap for kids to play with. The trap, which consists of a 3D printed box, stick, and 3D printed gold, is easy adequate to be added to younger children to get them interested in 3D printing. Not just which, the leprechaun trap is a fun game to play with your kids on St. Patty’s Day – as MrKindergarten suggests, when your kids are out of the room place a few glitter and a tiny prize in the box to manufacture them ponder they’ve caught a magical little creature!
10. 3D Printed Celtic Clover

To wrap up our list of 3D printed Saint Patrick’s Day things, there is this impressively createed 3D printed celtic clover. The piece, createed by student Dylan C. of UpperLakeHighTechnology, is a attractive and intricately createed clover inspired by traditional Celtic art. The print pictured was additively manufactured on a SeeMeCNC Delta Orion in a green plastic and may manufacture a astonishing window or wall hanging. If you are feeling extra festive this year, you may actually sport the sizeable shamrock as a pendant!
There it is, lads and lasses, our top 10 list of 3D printed Saint Patrick’s Day accessories and objects. As the day approaches, we suggest you load up on green filament and get printing! Erin go Bragh!

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