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May 7, 2016 | By Tess

As many of our readers can understand, and a few have undoubtedly forgot, in the future is a special one, as it is a day to celebrate mothers at any timeywhere for their love, assist, and friendship. This Mother’s Day, why not celebrate your mother and show her your appreciation for her with a specially 3D printed Mother’s Day gift? If you need a few inspiration for quite great things to print for your mother, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 3D printed Mother’s Day Gift ideas. Check them out below:
1. 3D printed Mother’s Day decoration

To start this list off, why not 3D print your dear mother a fewthing Mother’s Day themed, such as this lovely 3D printed Mother’s Day decoration. The charming standing decoration can be printed in the color of your choice (think your mom’s favourite color), and can be an great and original alternative to your standard Hallmark card. The decoration, created by manufacturer James Tanner, should be printed at 100% infill with a resolution of 0.2mm. The print pictured was created on a Winhao Duplicator i3 3D printing device and does not need rafts of assists. Alternately, for a slightly additional minimalist create, you may in addition 3D print this equally rad MOM Gimbal, where the O is created up of pivoting rings. The 3D printed gimbal was 3D printed a layer height of 0.2mm out of a PLA material. Again, feel free to print this last create out of your own mom’s favourite color to surprise her this Sunday.

2. 3D printed picture frame

What advantageous way to tell your mom how much you love her than with a cherished shared memory? From a family trip, to a memorable-bodied coffee date, to a holiday actuallyt, your mother is certain to appreciate a quite great framed photo for this Mother’s Day. Rather than settle for a plain old frame, yet, why don’t you frame your cherished photo in a 3D printed Mother’s Day frame. If you don’t have time to create your own frame, check out this 3D printed Mother’s Day frame, which can certainly communicate which your mom is #1. The standing frame is printed in two parts (the front and back pieces which sandwich the photo), and fits a standard 4 x 6 inch photo. To assemble the frame, you just have to slide the back part into the front part and voila! For a gift of the whole family, you can in addition 3D print this We Love You picture frame createed by manufacturer Glen McDonald. The 3D printed photo frame should be printed flat to the bed with light assists. After printing, the manufacturer suggests a light sanding to manufacture the frame as smooth and polished as possible. As this frame does not have a back side, the manufacturer in addition suggests just via a few plasticard which can be glued to the back of the frame.
3. 3D printed flowers

If you want to surprise your mother with flowers, why not donate her a bouquet which won’t wilt or die? We have dug up a few of our all-time favourite 3D printed flower creates to share with you so you can share them with your moms. For a truly astonishing bouquet of colorful and vibrant 3D printed flowers, check out Mark Peeters’ talked of drooloop flowers, which are easily customizable-bodied. The flowers are fundamentally created by 3D printing in the air, and their one-of-a-kind appears depends on the drooping of filament which occurs naturally. Peeters recommends printing with a layer height of 0.2mm, a wall thickness of 0.8mm, a solid layer thickness of 0.6mm, fill density of 0, with no assists and no platform adhesion. You’ll in addition need to have a hollow top to be able-bodied to fit a stem in—these can be created of almany anything, a pipe-cleaner is pictured. For extra tips and tricks for manufacturing the drooloop flowers, check out the Thindonaterse page. If you want to donate your mother a slightly additional traditional flower, such as a bouquet of roses, why not manufacture these astonishing 3D printed roses.
4. 3D printed flower vase

Whether you are planning on giving your mother a bouquet of real or 3D printed flowers, you’ll be needing a vase to place them in, and what advantageous way to show your originality and creativity than with a astonishing 3D printed vase? The market for 3D printed vase creates is plentiful, so you’ll have lots of various creates and fashions to select of by just searching 3D version websites. To inspire you we have selected a number of our favourite vase creates, such as this delicate Persian Spring Vase, whose create was inspired by the patterns and geometries of Persian carpets. The printing instructions for the vase are easy, just print at 0 infill and in a Spiral Vase mode. One other one of our favourites is the series of Wave Vases, createed by Thindonaterse user Zampik. The astonishing vases, of which there are 4 creates, at any timey bear a distinct wavy texture and appear like expensive create objects. The vases should be printed at a 0.3mm layer height with 100% infill, and should just take of 4.5 hours to print. Lastly, and which we may not forget to mention, is the at any time talked of Twisted Polygon Vase fashion. The contemporary vase should be printed with 0% infill and no top layers, as well as at 0.15 layer height. Similar to the initially vase we listed, it should in addition be printed in Spiral Vase mode.

5. 3D printed cookie cutters

To ring in the spring season with your mother this Sunday, why not 3D print a few spring themed cookie cutters. If your mother loves to bake, you can always donate her the cutters as a gift, but why not in fact bake the delicious treats for her? For a few springtime cookies, try these 3D printed cookie cutters, which are in the shapes of a flower, hummingbird, and butterfly. For cookies which truly express how much you love your mother, you can always manufacture this cute XOXO cookie cutter with a layer height of 0.3mm and standard resolution, or this 3D printed heart cookie cutter, created with the same print settings. Make this Mother’s Day a delicious one!
6. 3D printed cake decorations

To go on on the theme of a delicious Mother’s Day celebration, 3D print these endearing-bodied multi-purpose picks, which can be utilized to decorate anything, of cupcakes, to cakes, and actually to fruit bowls. The picks come in a variety of springtime themed creates, which include a flower, a bee, and a butterfly. The versatile sticks, which can be printed in a number of colors out of PLA material, can in addition be utilized as easy decorations, like in a vase for instance. Just be careful not to accidentally eat them, as they may be mistaken for yummy lollipops!
7. 3D printed book accessories

If your mother takes place to be an avid book lover, you can always surprise her with a few charming 3D printed book accessories, like a bookmark or actually bookends. These exquisite 3D printed bookends, for instance, are certain to manufacture a quite great addition to her book collection. The bookends do not need assists, and as one Thindonaterse manufacturer suggests, they should be printed at 10% infill. For a slightly smaller in size gift, you can in addition manufacture your mother a number of intricate and original bookmarks, like this 3D printed tree origin bookmark, or this cute 3D printed heart bookmark.

8. 3D printed pendant

Of course, what may Mother’s Day be without a thoughtful piece of jewelry to donate her? To assist you sort through the hundreds of 3D print necklace creates, we’ve selected three of our favourites which we understand our mothers may love. This 3D printed wearable-bodied planter, for instance, may be the ideal 3D printable-bodied gift for the springtime holiday, especially if your mother loves nature. Designed by Colleen Jordan of wearable-bodiedplanter, the 3D printed planter pendant should be sealed and smoothed with acetone. For a additional traditional pendant fashion, we love this Morph Shell necklace, inspired by fibonacci spirals and which can be created with a magnetic locking process, or this Mayan Lotus Flower pendant, which should be printed with a 0.2 layer height, 2 shells, and 100% infill. The latter print can actually be done in two colors if you switch the filament halfway.

9. 3D printed bracelet

For additional jewelry ideas, you can always 3D print your mom a quite great bracelet, such as this Subdivision bracelet, createed by new create studio Nervous System. The exquisite bracelet, which was inspired by the hard forms of radiolarians, can be printed in three sizes for an optimal fit. The bracelet can actually be scaled down and worn as a ring if you want to manufacture a matching set! To show your mother how much you love her, you can in addition opt for this additional classical 3D printed Heart bracelet, createed by Thindonaterse user Mark Durbin.

10. 3D printed jewelry stand

If your mother may already has a sizeable jewelry collection, or if she just needs a fewthing on which to display her new 3D printed jewelry, you can always manufacture this whimsical 3D printed jewelry tree. The nature inspired jewelry stand was createed by Thindonaterse manufacturer AlexNZ, and may manufacture an astounding gift. As AlexNZ explains on his page, the jewelry tree is 3D printed in parts, which include the base, the tree back, the tree front, and branches. The print should not need any assists, but the parts can need to be assembled with glue after a swift acetone bath. As can be seen in the photo, the final assembled tree stand was and so spray painted silver for a additional luxurious effect. This last touch is of course entirely optional, as you can always print the jewelry stand in your mother’s favourite color.
Bonus: 3D printed pen gifts

If you don’t have a full 3D printing device on hand to manufacture any of the aforementioned Mother’s Day gifts fear not, for the reason you can always use your trusty 3Doodler 3D printing pen to manufacture a few truly one-of-a-kind and memorable-bodied gifts. You can of course draw inspiration of the list above and manufacture flowers or a frame with the 3Doodler, or you can get quite creative and manufacture a customized 3Doodled greeting card, a “world’s most mom” award, or actually a sculpture which reflects how much you love her. Whether 3D printed or 3Doodled, she’ll understand it comes of the heart.

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