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Tio toy kit encourages children to 3D print and create their own remote controlled toys – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 3, 2016 | By Tess
We frequently hear of concerns that mobile devices and smartpfine tunes are hindering children’s creativity and sociability, and while this may be true in the majority of cases, certain innovators are attempting to flip this reality by via the innovation for great, to in fact get children interested in creating and innovating for themselves. London based startup Tio is doing precisely that with its new app-regulated Tio assembling block kit, that is seeking funding through a not long ago launched Kickstarter campaign.

Tio was founded by Peter Spence, Ashely Wiltshire, and Mario Morello who set out to turn it into a toy product that not only promotes and encourages children to turn it into and invent, but in addition manufactures those designs come to life. What they came up with is the Tio Kit, a DIY assembly kit that comprises of their Tio motorized assembling blocks with created in color changing LEDs, attachable wheels, and a number of accessories and “pop and fold invention templates”. The beauty of their product is that children are not restricted to via the accessories of the kit but are encouraged to turn it into their own toys of recycled craft materials, old toys, and 3D printed add ons.
Peter Spence explains the inspiration behind the project, “As a child I was always producing and assembling toys with my Grandpa. But, I vividly remember that I mayn’t manufacture my toys move without a little assist of gravity. So I started considering, what if there was a magic engine to do that? Fast forward 20 years and I set out to invent my dream toy to be loved by kids of all ages. This is when Tio was born.”

Mario, Peter, and Ashley

To turn it into via the Tio blocks children only have to attach the motorized Tio blocks to wheels or other moveable pieces, decorate and add to the basic moving structure and and so connect their new toy to the free Tio app, compatible with iOS or Android. With the app installed on a mobile device, children can control the speed, way, and light color and patterns of the Tio block. The app in addition gives its users access to Tio’s “safe online community” through that children can download extra
templates, find inspiration of other Tio users, unlock badges and additional.

To commence the innovation to youngsters, the team at Tio have in addition created a comprehensive storybook that takes children through the steps of via Tio and creating with it. From a racecar created of cardboard scraps, to a windmill created of the kit’s templates, to a 3D printed spaceship, children’s imaginations can run wild with the DIY toy innovation.
More than only for children, yet, the Tio kits can be utilized to turn it into tools useful to adult manufacturers such as remote regulated GoPro stands, or motorized 3D printed designs.
The Tio toy kits come in two editions, the Tio Creator Kit, that comprises of 2 motorized blocks, 1 app, 1 storybook, 9 invention templates, 2 wheels, 2 tyres, 2 pulleys, 2 adapters, 5 magnetic mounts, 4 sticky tabs, 1 caster, 2 charge cables, and 30 stickers; and the Tio Inventor Kit, that comes with double the number of blocks, wheels, tyres, pulleys, adapters, magnetic mounts, sticky tabs, casters, charge cables, and stickers.

Tio’s Kickstarter campaign has to date raised £15,316 of its £50,000 goal (approximately $70,233). If you are interested in producing a pledge to their new toy product, be certain to do so preceding the campaign expires on April 5th, 2016. In terms of rewards, if you manufacture the early-bird special you can obtain a Tio Creator Kit for £69 (approx $96), once the early birds are sold out, the Tio Creator Kit can be purchased for a pledge of £79 (approx $110). For the early bird Inventor Kit a pledge of at very least £139 ($194) can have to be created, £149 ($208) regular price. Each reward comes with a 3D printing credit of minimum £10, that can be utilized to turn it into parts for your Tio toys. Rewards are scheduled to ship starting September 2016.

Dr Andrew Manches, a pro learning scientist said of the product’s future, “Tio unquestionably demonstrates the power of combining digital innovation with hands-on creative play. With a supportive adult, the possibilities for inspiring children to turn it into are truly exciting.”
Tio is providing a child-friendly platform through that kids can not only manufacture toys, but fine tune their creativity and STEM skills, hopefully turning the mind-numbing aspect of mobile devices into a proactive, productive tool for children to learn and 3D print with.

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