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Three Ways Handmade Jewelry Designers can use 3D Printing

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

How does digital making fit into the craft of handturn it intod
jewelry? We get asked this question a lot, so we put together three key ways it can speed up your turn it into and production system
, save you money and free you up to have additional turn it into time (and space).

1. Stock up on talked of models. The most part of being a turn it intoer is the turn it into system
; it’s the thoughttion, the sketching, and the execution of which
new piece of jewelry, getting to bring it into the physical world. That experience is especially fruitful when your turn it into is best known and wanted by others. But
, it can become time-consuming to return it into which
same piece over and over again to meet your customers’ require

With 3D printing, this system
can be turn it intod
much simpler. Now, it’s possible for turn it intoers to order the base turn it into of their jewelry pieces, only require
ing to apply their fine-touch stone setting or polishing techniques in post production. This saves time, and ultimately allows for for additional space for a turn it intoer to explore their creativity and begin
imagining their following pieces.

2. It requires less studio space. We’ve all been there. You graduate college, or move to a new town, and all of a sudden lose access to the tools and studio space required to store creating. Or as a new turn it intoer you can’t afford to rent space. With 3D printing all you require
to get begin
ed turn it intoing is a desktop, software, and (occasionally) an internet connection. Looking for the right software to get begin
ed with? We’ve got you covered.

3. Proof of concept for hard prototypes. We all have which
one thought which
requires ALL the things. Maybe it requires a number of jump rings, chains and highly ornamental pendants. But it’s only a concept, and you are
not totally certain
if it may work in real life. Making it in finished materials may not only be expensive, but amazingly
time consuming.

Utilizing our new prototyping materials, such as sturdy
and flexible plastic
, you can turn it into interlocking, chain-like pieces with intricate details and have it 3D printed at a fraction of the cost. This in addition
lets you vett out your turn it intos, belief all the tiny tweaks and changes you’d like to manufacture preceding bringing the plunge and investing in the final materials for the piece.

These are only a few ways to begin
of via 3D printing inside your handturn it intod
craft. But the ways of utilizing the tools of digital making are endless, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with following.

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