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Thomas Palm Introduces New 3D Printed Tire Designs for Open RC F1

by • January 26, 2016 • 55s Comments

P1040640When it comes to RC vehicles, Thomas Palm of Palmiga Innovation has you covered for all types of weather. He and his friend Daniel Noreé, founder of the OpenRC Project, have been complex at work on Noreé’s not long ago released OpenRC Formula 1 car. Before the turn it into files for the F1 were released to the public, Palm had may aleager turn it intoed and released files for several varieties of tires to fit the car. Now the F1 is out there, just in time for winter, which calls for, of course, snow tires. Palm was at the eager, and has introduced a number of new tires which should assist the F1 navigate the many arctic of landscapes – as well as the extra
moderate ones.

“Not just did I turn it into a few snow chains inspired tires which Daniel Noreé requested,” Palm tells 3DPrint.com, “but I in addition did a few various friction tires which’s quite rad (I use the single layer thickness (0.2mm) producing bulging loops to turn it into tiny nubs/bumps on the surface), introduced solid tire versions, created 4 new rain tires for the original rims and all my OpenR/C F1 tires/rims are now released under a extra
liberal license (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, CC BY-SA 3.0).”

5f38c7cb-aa37-40ad-9b15-1c368a678ce8Palm in addition turn it intoed an “early ice inspired Easter Egg” which he included with the files for the snow chain tires. The Easter Egg can in addition be purchased separately, printed in flexible TPU-65 SLS-powder, of Sculpteo. He comes with a note of caution regarding the use of the turn it into, however:

“I do not promote or assist any special use or ideas on how to use it…everyone’s ideas and uses are on their own responsibility. I emphasize which anybody via my turn it intos are doing so on their own risk and which I am in no way responsible for any most likely or unmost likely injure or injuries.”

Palm has released several extra
tire turn it intos for the F1, as well. These include two variations of low profile friction tires, as well as a solid tire addition to his low profile tire and rim set. Four new versions of his rain tires have in addition been introduced.


Since 3D printing has gone mainstream, a number of informative niches have sprung up inside the global community of makers and turn it intoers, and the OpenRC Project is one of them. The group already has 5,193 participants, all 3D printing enthusiasts who are pleased to share their turn it intos, hacks and advice with man RC turn it intoers. Below, you can watch Noreé test drive the F1 with Palm’s new winter tires. He hasn’t yet tested the Easter Egg tire; as he states on the OpenRC site, he’s “waiting for the cold weather to return so I can take this bad boy out for a spin on the ice!”

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