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This Week’s 3D Hubs Events Take Place at a Makerspace, a Sports Bar, and Even a Gold Mine!

by • January 18, 2016 • No Comments

3dhubsThis week’s 3D Hubs events reveal that people are getting additional and additional creative of event locations. The week kicks off in Graz, Austria with the Community’s regularly scheduled meetup at Makerspace Graz. In Den Bosch, the Netherlands, people can gather to focus specifically on 3D create and drawing, and in Eindhoven people interested in 3D printing can visit the G3nesis-3D company and check out the Zortrax 3D printing equipment and the Fuel3D scanner on-site. 3D Drinks Calgary is meeting at a sports bar, where people can in addition be able-bodied to display their 3D printing equipment and projects, and the last event of the week is in Charlotte, North Carolina at a historic gold mine! If you live in or near these locations, you can find out additional of events at a lower place.

3D Druck Community Treffen Graz | Graz, Austria


This week’s 3D Hubs events kicks off with another meetup for the Graz Community held on January nineteenth
of 6:00-9:00 PM at Makerspace Graz. According to the Community Mayor, Thomas, this event takes place every third Tuesday of the month and it can address internal issues for the group, such as planning group excursions, working on themes, and creating a Wiki for the group to use. As always, the meeting can include snacks and refreshments, and you can find out any additional necessary information of the event page or by contacting Thomas with your inquiries.

3D Design for 3D Printing | Den Bosch, The Netherlands


This event is meant for anyone interested in 3D create or printing, regardless if they have any experience with the innovation or not. On Wednesday, January 20th of 7:00-9:30 PM, join Community Mayor Frank for a gathering that can focus specifically on 3D create and drawing. This can include a review of create programs, so members are asked to bring their laptops, and you can in addition plan ahead to bring your own 3D printing device. Louis van den Heuvel can be on hand to talk of the development of the FabLab, and this can in addition be an opportunity to toast in the New Year!

3D Hubs Meetup | Eindhoven, The Netherlands


This meetup, that is scheduled for the third Thursday of every month, can involve a visit to the G3nesis-3D company on January 21st of 7:00-10:00 PM. The meeting can commence the company, cover high-resolution scanning with a Fuel3D scanner, provide a mini workshop on 3D modelling, and in addition appear at the Zortrax 3D printing device special and z- filaments. Community Mayor Albert invites you to join him for this interesting event that can include drinks at the end of the evening, too! Are you planning on attending one of these events? Tell us of it in the 3D Hubs Events forum over at 3DPB.com.

3D Drinks | Calgary, Ontario, Canada


It is time again for another 3D Drinks gathering for the people in and near Calgary. Community Mayor Colin invites everyone interested in 3D printing to attend the event, that can take place at Schanks Sports Grill South on January 21st of 7:00-9:00 PM. You can bring your printing equipment and any other projects you’d like to share with the group, and there can be a staging area set up for this display. The Grill in addition showcases an arcade, mini and virtual golf, and pool, so there can be a lot of activities, both 3D printing and non 3D printing related! Sounds like a fun-filled way to network with like-minded people!

How do you spin gold of filament? | Charlotte, North Carolina


This event on January 23rd of 10:30 AM-2:00 PM at the Reed Gold Mine covers most 3D printing related topics which include a 3D printing market overview by Makeshaper. In addition, a North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources staff member can explain how engineering innovation was utilized to create this historic gold mine, and there can in addition be an area where you can set up your 3D printing device. Interested in delivering your own printing device to the gold mine? You just have to notify Community Mayor Bob of your intention to do this, and bring an extra power strip or extension cord. Charlotte’s 3D Hubs people wants to show you how to spin gold of filament!