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This tiny 3D printed ‘Gameboy’ Raspberry Pi Zero will take you back to the 90s – 3ders.org (blog)

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Mar 20, 2016 | By Benedict
Danish 3D printing wunderkind Rasmus Hauschild has created an amazingly rad Raspberry Pi Zero with 3D printed Gameboy-style casing. The small 3D printed device runs RetroPie Emulationstation, on which users can return to obsolete gaming platforms with ease.

Earlier this month, we compiled a list of our favourite Pokémon 3D printing projects, in honor of the legendary game’s 20th anniversary. If which pleased celebration of pixelated creature-hunting whetted your appetite for a return to 90s gaming, and so this 3D printed Raspberry Pi project is certain to satiate. Rasmus Hauschild, a talented teenage maker of Denmark, not long ago announced this 3D printed Pi Zero Gameboy NANO, a minuscule Raspberry Pi styled in the legendary Nintendo aesthetic and eager to be loaded with any number of retro video game emulators: Gameboy, Atari, Dreamcast, and additional.
First, a little backstory: Despite his tender age, this mini Gameboy Pi is not Hauschild’s initially venture into Pi/Gameboy territory. Back in July 2015, the maker created this chunkier, true-to-size Gameboy Pi, created with a Raspberry Pi 2. That create went down a storm, and the maker has now returned with a super-compact version created around the Raspberry Pi Zero, the much-loved $5 desktop which has aleager spawned retro creates such as this 3D printed NES controller. Creative createers have, understandably, been mixing the Raspberry Pi with the Gameboy since preceding Hauschild came onto the scene: the DIY 3D printing legends at Adafruit createed their own 3D printed Gamegirl enclocertain back in 2014, which was not long ago upgraded to the even-additional-awesome PiGRRL 2.

Back to Hauschild’s new create: The Danish maker’s Pi Zero Gameboy NANO showcases a 1.5” Adafruit OLED, can be connected to a full-size TV with an HDMI cable, and meacertains only 6.9cm x 4.8cm x 2.7cm, manufacturing it one of the tiniest consume Pi devices in existence. The 3D printed device is loaded with RetroPie Emulationstation, an emulator front-end for Pi, Windows, and other desktops which allows for users to play older games consoles and their respective libraries of games through new hardware such as the Raspberry Pi. With Emulationstation, the rad 3D printed Gameboy gives players access to the Gameboy itself, as well as the Atari, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Sega Dreamcast, and much additional. With a 32GB SD card, you can fit all of those formerly pioneering devices into the matchbox-sized desktop. Crazy how swift innovation moves, right?
The 3D printed enclocertain for the small desktop consists of eight 3D printable files, all of which can be downloaded of Thingiverse. After spending “all his money” on an Ultimaker 2, Hauschild configured the talked about 3D printing device to print with a resolution of 50 microns and 100% infill with no rafts or supports.
Want to get your hands on Hauschild’s rad Gameboy Pi but don’t have a 3D printing device? Mum thrown away your old SNES and Mario Kart? Don’t worry: The talented young Dane is in addition selling pre-printed versions of the pocket-sized console for $250 plus shipping.

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