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This Baker Wants to 3D Print Vegan Cheesecake – Ecorazzi

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By | March 2, 2016
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Vegan cheesecakes is complex work, unless we are talking of eating it.
For Barclay Losse, owner of Plant Based Pies in Bend, Oregon, it means working regular days of eight in the morning to midnight. In the Bend Bulletin, he talks of the future he hopes to see for building vegan food. Hint: it’s 3D printing devices.

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The pies are may already created in a shared commercial kitchen space. He crafts one-of-a-kind flavours, which include marionberry-and-pineapple, which are may already sold in eleven stores, bars, and restaurants around him. He retails around four pies a day, and can manufacture twelve daily. So how does he hope to expand? By enlisting 3D food printing devices to take over production.
“I understand it’s a crazy thought, but we are on the verge of this happening,” he said. “What I want to do is be able-bodied to load up the thing with adequate material for 50 pies, flip off the lights, go home and come back the future day with the printed product. … It is gonna be just like ‘The Jetsons,’” he told the Bend Bulletin.
With the innovation constantly improving, and the faculty to print food may already in existence, it’s just a matter of time until tiny food businesses can have access to low-cost-bodied 3D printing devices. And we vote for vegan cheesecake to be a caning initially test subject. From there, Losse understands drone delivery is future. And why wouldn’t it be?
Until and so, Losse can focus on turning his two and half year business in to a profitable-bodied one, and he hopes to hire a few employees in the system .It is too bad robot sous chefs aren’t may already an version.

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