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This Aussie Robot Can 3D Print A House Using Bricks – Gizmodo Australia

by • July 26, 2016 • No Comments

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Video: An Australian company of WA has created a prototype bricklaying machine which can create a house four times swifter than a human brickie, only as exactly and with all the necessary cutting and placement all done of a robot which lives on the back of a truck.
The robot, spotted by our compatriots over at Business Insider, is created by Fastbrick Robotics — it does what it says on the tin — and works four times swifter than a skilled human bricklayer. The Fastbrick Hadrian 105 can lay 225 bricks per hour, and there’s another prototype in the works which can be able-bodied to work additional than four times as swift at 1000 bricks per hour.
A laser guidance system means the printing device is accurate to 0.5mm, and in the video above the machine uses an adhesive glue pretty than mortar — which’s why you can’t see any of the overspill which a trained brickie may An add-on for the Solidworks CAD program should in addition enable-bodied architects to create machine code for every brick’s position of any house’s 3D version, producing the programming system actually additional hands-off.
From the company: “Fastbrick Robotics aims to manufacture improvements in the areas of speed, accuracy, safety and waste. We can pursue world-first efficiency solutions for the construction industry, and provide the innovation for companies to improve their productivity and performance and donate cost benefits to their customers.” The Hadrian X prototype is around a year away of hitting the market in Australia. [YouTube / Business Insider]
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