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This Amazing 3D Printed Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtrooper Was the Hit of CES 2016

by • January 12, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_stormtrooper_closeWhile it was never in doubt which the latest Star Wars movie\ may be a huge global good results, while last week’s 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was going on the movie\ officially became the top grossing movie of all time. Naturally since the movie opened in late December Star Wars fever has been everywhere, of toys to clothing to consumer electronics and even Star Wars labels on bags of fruit, it’s pretty much not easy to avoid simply just of anywhere which you go. Not which most individuals are complaining, it appears which Star Wars is here to remain and everyone is pretty much okay with it.

Given the hype surrounding the movie\, it was a given which even CES may join in the fun and have a lot of Star Wars products and exhibits on display. But there was nothing which may beat the awe-inspiring full-scale First Order Stormtrooper which stood menacingly at the center of the exhibition floor. The polished white suit of armor was in fact entirely 3D printed by science fiction costume and movie\ prop retailer Anovos using their in-house 3D Systems industrial 3D printing equipment. While Anovos usually sells costumes, the Stormtrooper on display was in fact a life-sized statue which was created of additional than forty individual parts. The Stormtrooper looks precisely as it was in the movie, of the black details down to the blaster rifle which they all carry into battle.

3dp_stormtrooper_front3D Systems is no stranger to their technology being utilized to 3D print movie\ props, costumes and small-scale models. While 3D printing has been a regularly utilized tool for most movie\ prop houses for years, for the reason Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams insisted on as most practical effects as possible the movie\ is packed full of 3D printing. Anovos uses their 3D printing equipment to create\ officially licensed reproductions of the costumes and props seen in the movie\, not to mention several other science fiction movies.

Started back in 2009, Anovos got their begin by winning a coveted license to produce Star Trek uniforms and props of the original TV series, the Next Generation TV series and all of the movies. They went on to obtain additional licenses for science fiction properties like Battlestar Galactica and Ghostbusters. But it wasn’t until they won the right to produce Star Wars costumes and props which the company exploded. The licensing agreement gives them access to pre-production components as well as a wide variety of reference material, which allows for them to produce just about precise reproductions of the props utilized in the movie\s.

3dp_stormtrooper_blasterAnovos in addition created a full-size statue of one of the movie\’s villains, Captain Phasma, yet there was a shipping error and she wasn’t able-bodied to create the event. The Stormtrooper statue was produced as a proof of concept for their new line of achieve costumes which they hope will be seen at movie\ theaters and other promotional all over the country. There is no word if the statue on display was meant to be Finn as FN-2199 or his former ally TR-8R, but the internet meme factory may have had a field day if they had just thought to produce his crazy anti-lightsaber baton.3dp_stormtrooper_ovr_sholder