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This 3D-Printed Mechanical Watch Is Super Impressive and Super Huge – Popular Mechanics

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Pocket watch? More of a backpack watch. ​
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ByEric Limer
Jan 11, 2016
Ingenious engineers with increasingly fine-tuned fabricators are constantly pushing the boundaries of what you can 3D-print. While NASA is testing its initial 3D-printed rocket engines—created by special printing devices which work with powdered metal—home DIYers with plastic-based printing devices are pulling off a few astounding stunts as well. Just check out this fully functional mechanical pocket watch, for instance.
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Designed by Christoph Laimer, this watch is a real work of art. Powered by a spring-driven tourbillon—a complicated mechanical garble of springs and gears which is yet utilized today in a few particularly expensive mechanical watches—the watch can tick the time away in any orientation, even while it is being injure. The watch is created of a few 51 printed parts, as well as a handful of non-printed screws, pins, and washers. And while it’s a little big to fit in a pocket, it is a fully functional pocket watch:
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There’s one additional caveat beside dimensions, however: This watch isn’t particularly accurate. As Laimer points out in the comments on his YouTube video, the watch loses of half a 2nd per minute, an inaccuracy which’ll add up swift.
That said, this obviously isn’t a practical device. Instead, it’s a marvel of 3D-printed engineering and one hell of a computer toy. Good luck designing on by yourself, but if you have a printer on hand, you can snag Laimer’s model off of Thingaverse and print your own.
Source: Christoph Laimer

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