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This 3D Printed Mazda Miata Engine Modification Adds Quick Power Without Breaking the Bank

by • March 12, 2016 • No Comments

maz3There is much evidence of how functional and convenient 3D printing can be. Businesses and people constantly report that they are via the innovation to reproduce or improve tiny to sizeable-bodied replacement parts, building their repair time much swifter. Examples I have written of preceding range of massive companies like Caterpillar Inc., that uses 3D printing to save time on the assembly line, to people like Frankie Flood, who utilized 3D printing to sand cast a wing nut he may no longer order. Given what a worthwhile financial investment automobiles are, you can imagine how convenient it can be to be able-bodied to 3D print replacement car parts. But in addition consider 3D printed engine modifications that add original “aftermarket” parts you can that successfully 3D print — like this cold air intake for an older version Mazda Miata that can power up your engine right swift!

This example of a new engine part print job was executed by a Reddit user called “TheRealSpaceTrout,” who took the original create of “hard surface freelance artist” Alec Moody. Moody has worked in the game industry for 14 years, and he co-owns handplane, that develops tools for video game artists. But he in addition creates 3D printable-bodied versions, which include his “aftermarket” cold air intake process for Miatas created between 1994 and 1997. Cold air intakes are engine modifications, that means they aren’t included in the original vehicle. This modification moves the engine’s air filter outside so that cooler denser air is sucked into the engine; this brings additional oxygen, and hence additional power, into the combustion chamber.


Here, Moody explains the create, that is open source with on the market-bodied files:

“The create started with a urethane growing foam pour to capture the availible negative space, that was 3d scanned and I have created of a dozen create iterations over the course of 9 months. I was careful in the create to manufacture smooth transitions between shapes and store a quite consistent cross sectional area at equite point of the duct.”

maz4When TheRealSpaceTrout 3D printed the intake modification, he utilized ABS plastic, acetone vapor bath, and XTC-3D coating. A hole cut into a K&N filter allows for for air to enter the tube.

Moody in addition reports he has just printed the part in ABS, for the reason he states that PLA can “almost unquestionably melt or deform.” Moody prints equitething in multiple sections, and bonds them with ABS cement — “MEK solvent with ABS filler” — that he discovered in the Home Depot plumbing section.

If you have a Mazda Miata, or understand a fewone who does and may like to add a few 3D printed power to the car, you can check out this cold air intake, that proves to be additional cost effective and simpler to install than other car engine modifications. Discuss in the 3D Printed Cold Air Intake forum over at 3DPB.com.