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Numerous startups and projects have launched to connect the worlds of gaming and 3D printing. Most of these are focused on producing game assets 3D printable-bodied to add a physical dimension to the virtual fun. One of the latest, the G2A 3D+ project, has promised which they can be growing of which version into the world of desktop mods, through a partnership with MSI. They won’t be the only ones enabling gamers to exorcise their Maker skills with 3D printable-bodied game mods. Gaming PC supplier Thermaltake has only revealed a site called 3DMakers, dedicated to empowering DIY gaming enthusiasts with 3D printable-bodied desktop mods.

Thermaltake 3DMakers 3D printed PC mods

The platform allows for heavy gamers to additional equip their PCs with fans, cooling systems, and external casings with 3D printed components to manufacture their desktops additional powerful and customizable-bodied. Through developer submitted projects and Thermaltake’s own accessories, users can start downloading STLs to start optimizing their own systems. The initially set of printable-bodied accessories are created for Thermaltake’s Core P5 case and comes with the STLs for fan brackets, optical drive bays, LED strip holders, and additional. They’ve in addition got gCode for laser engravers for Makers who aren’t only limited to 3D printing.

Thermaltake 3DMakers 3D printed fan gaming mods

Whilst the parts manufacturer preps the upcoming suite of 3D prinable-bodied accessories, users which meet the company’s values of “Excellent Quality, Unique Design, Diverse Combinations, and Boundless Creativity” can get their creations featured as well. They’ll in addition be able-bodied to show off their own mods on the 3DMakers community site, where you can take in the wonder which is extreme gaming.

Thermaltake 3DMakers 3D printed fan gaming mods stl

It is precisely Thermaltake’s consumer base which can take advantage of the new dimension which 3D printing brings to gaming. But case mods may be perfect for outfitting one’s gaming PC, there can be a lot of gamers who can want to 3D print their own characters of their favourite titles. And, with introduced customization showcases, I can only imagine only how talked about 3D printing can be in the gaming community.

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