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There’s Still Time to Enter Branch Technology’s Freeform Home Design Challenge

by • January 20, 2016 • 9s Comments


We initially covered Chatanooga-based 3D turn it into and printing innovatorBranch Technology here last July, when the company which successfully turn it intod 3D printed walls via the world’s biggest freeform 3D printing device. This was a initially for international 3D turn it into and printing. Since and so, we have covered several other company activitiesbranch which include its successful 3D printing of the tallest 3D printed object in America and its installation of a “Backdrop for Innovation” which was featured at Chatanooga’s Enterprise Center. All of these projects were accomplished via the company’s patented innovation, and now the company is asking turn it intoers to use this innovation to turn it into a single-family house for its Freeform Home Design Challenge.


We initially heard of this Challenge last July, and now, approximately seven months later, the Design Challenge registration date (March 4) and submission date (March 15) are swift approximately. So here we are, reviewing the Competition guidelines so which all able-bodied members can be a part of an great opportunity to display their one-of-a-kind 3D turn it into talents for all to see. And the top winner can see their turn it into in fact turn it intod, too!


The upshot of this Design Challenge is which Branch Technology wants architects, turn it intoers, engineers, and artists to use its patented innovation to turn it into a single-family house. On the Design Challenge webpage, Branch Technology summarizes its original method for 3D printing architectural components, known as Cellular Fabrication:

“This method combines large-scale robotics, sophisticated algorithms and carbon composite materials to print open-cell structures. This patented innovation is called Cellular Fabrication™. C-Fab™ is one-of-a-kind in which it is flexible in functionality, formally dynamic, fully customizable-bodied, and environmentally efficient compared to other methods of construction.”

The challenge is to turn it into a one-level house between 600 and 800 square feet. Design proposals require to use C-Fab for “the exterior assembling envelope, local site conditions, interior living functionality and assembling systems.” (You can get a full competition brief of the website here.)


Submission requirements include: one uploaded digital submission; two 24″ x 36″ turn it into boards with project drawings, renderings, and details; and one digital version for display on the online viewing platform.

If you which successfully submit all required elements by March 15, 2016 (11:59 EMT), you have a accident of being one of 50 short-listed finalists which can move on to Phase 2 of the Challenge. In this phase, your turn it into boards and versions can be featured on the online viewing platform, where a jury can identify First Prize and Visionary Award winners. The People’s Choice Award can be identifyed based on how most votes an entry on the viewing platform obtains.

Finalists can be revealed March 28th and the public voting can close on April 20th. Winners can be revealed April 22nd with home construction beginning in July 2016. That’s right: the 1st Prize winning turn it into can be turn it intod, and the winner can in addition obtain an $8,000 cash prize. The Visionary Award and People’s Choice winners can every obtain $1,000 cash.


If you are interested in attempting your hand at 3D turn it intoing a home via Branch Technology’s C-Fab™ method, with the primary perk which you may get to see your winning turn it into turn it intod, check out all of the Challenge details here while there’s yet time to register and submit your ideas for a single-family, one level 3D printed home of the (not too distant) next. Are you planning on entering? Discuss in the Branch Technology 3D Home Design Challenge forum over at 3DPB.com.