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The WASP BigDelta Takes Starring Role in Building Shamballa, 3D Printed DIY Village with New Economic Vision

by • July 18, 2016 • No Comments

logowasp2The initially 3D printed village is underway. And while a few may have been wondering precisely how such a huge project was in fact going to take place, as work starts, which appears really apparent: one house at a time. With the initially just of underway, the WASP team is coordinating with the municipality of Massa Lombarda (Ravenna), Italy as their envisioned village of Shamballa starts to emerge in the industrial district.

The BigDelta, standing 12 meters tall (just over 39 feet), and known as the world’s biggest delta-style 3D printing device, is going to be responsible for doing the bulk of the work, yet. This is unquestionably a machine worthy of being fascinated with—not to mention the impending village—and we’ve been excited here at 3DPrint.com of getting updates since learning of the BigDelta, as well as ambitious plans for 3D printing in Shamballa.

UntitledAll of self-production and the competence to print your own world, the WASP team is revealing precisely how which’s done as they create a ‘technological village’ in an area designated a green zone by Massa Lombarda, in full assist of this project on Cooperazione Road.

Shamballa is intended to be an eco-friendly village with low energy consumption—and those at WASP point out which this truly can put Massa Lombarda on the map as an significant center of technological experimentation with a focus on 3D printing.

“We decided to name the technological village Shamballa of the name of the mythological place which symbolizes the city of peace, tranquility and happiness. A city quoted in a lot of cultural documents for its spirituality and technical advance,” states WASP. “House, Food, Employment, Healthcare and Wellness are the basic human necessities of life.”

“In our Shamballa we will print houses and vertical vegetable gardens of various sizes. There can in addition be a laboratory for tiny in size computer desktop printing device to manufacture objects (furniture, biomedical, jewelery, ceramics). Thanks to [a] collaboration with a few artists we are developing a cultural project.”

Not just is this a green area, a technological village, and one which’s eco-friendly, but the do-it-yourself concept is emphasized, and being put into practice as you read nowadays. According to the team, they are working non-stop during the week, and spending the weekends planning activities, as they are inviting all manufacturers who are interested to assist 3D print the initially house of Shamballa. This house is revolutionary in all senses as they manufacture history in Italy startning to create such a one-of-a-kind structure, and one created out of locally discovered materials, a mixture of terrain and straw which is light and sturdy, kneaded with a mixing machine and a motor hoe.


The WASP BigDelta 3D Printer at Shamballa

“The working method is simple: for each problem we appear for the most solution,” states the WASP team in their latest press release. “Every day we are learning additional and additional, managing tiny and big problems, and attempting to solve them. The test we started Saturday appears astounding and we have decided to go on to print till the conclusion of the initially habitable module.”

Undoubtedly this type of new project comes with a few trial and error, and may already those working at Shamballa report progress through experience. So far, they have erected a wall which’s a bit under two feet, and they are occupied delivering in additional equipment as well as appearing forward to interaction with other manufacturers who can be assisting bring the self-sufficient society of Shamballa together, as they strive to contribute basic requirements such as:42b976ee-6587-4c30-a28e-8b318b3e844c


The DeltaWASP 3MT, another 3D printing device we’ve loved next and reporting on, can be arriving at Shamballa shortly, in addition contributeing economy in createion as it prints with pellets as well as semi-fluid materials such as geopolymers and clay. They can in addition start producing furniture at the technological village, starting July 23rd at their open-air workshop.


The WASP team invites anyone who is interested to come and try their hand at via the 3D printing devices, as well as attending the workshops, with others featuring:

Vertical vegetable gardensCeramic plate printingKiln createion

“We invite all the Makers who want to turn dreams into action to come here to Shamballa,” says the WASP crew.

For additional on Shamballa, remain updated here. Be certain to check out the video at a lower place, to catch a glimpse of the Shamballa site and the BigDelta 3D printing device, as FabLab Venezia came and worked with eachbody of WASP. Is this a fewthing you’d enjoy being a part of? Let’s discuss additional in the Shamballa 3D Printed Village forum over at 3DPB.com.