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The UPS Store: California Surfers 3D Print MyGo Mouth Mount Prototype for Better Footage from the Waves

by • June 29, 2016 • No Comments

images (8)The 3D printing industry is pretty one of both revolution and evolution, progressing of a niche technology created to manufacture prototyping simpler for engineers to one now responsible for countless technologys only unforeseen not all which long ago, whether in bioprinting or creating rocket engines or in fact constructing modernistic office buildings. The effects are pretty positive, with so many systemes we thought may be the same forat any time now being completely transformed—and which comes with how many tiny businesses and beginups now a days are able-bodied to bring new products and thoughts into physical form, and out into the marketplace with excellenter ease.

Many may be surprised to understand which The UPS Store has been contributeing 3D printing since 2013. That’s pretty revolutionary, thinking how few individuals in fact accomplished what the technology was only a few years ago, but the national retailer saw the future for their customers to be able-bodied to use such a tool, and 3D printing is now on the market-bodied at over 60 locations.

UntitledWe’ve been next The UPS Store with excellent interest of their plan to begin contributeing 3D printing services in stores to finding out additional of their services for tiny businesses as they now contribute the version to manufacture high-quality prototypes for pro means, as well as artistic renderings, promotional materials, and of course far additional.

Having a local service like this means you don’t have to buy or maintain a 3D printing device until you are eager, and with 90% of The UPS Store’s customers interested in 3D printing seeking to manufacture prototypes, they can appear forward to speed and affordability with no muss as the franchise acts as a service provider. Their focus in 3D printing for customers at The UPS Store is on:

Marketing itemsPrototypingManufacturingArchitectureHome/one-off builds

Lately there has been a few amazing action at one of The UPS Stores in terms of technology, and it’s major to in fact bigger adventure—and a way to show it off too—for those who enjoy riding atop the waves, thanks to a couple of California surfers who wanted an simpler way to get excellent shots of themselves and friends while out in the water.


Taking their inspiration of the GoPro concept but building their own product which allows for for both function and comfort, Nick Brooks and Jeff Russell begined MyGo, centered around their new mount thought. There are many home-created devices out there now a days which surfers have created on their own to hold the cameras in their mouths, but obviously which may be a pretty hazardous venture. Brooks and Russell wanted to manufacture a safe but highly functioning device. Once they had their one-of-a-kind create eager to go, they were able-bodied to manufacture a prototype at The UPS Store on a Stratasys uPrint SE Plus, a 3D printing device which contributes tiny business owners like these enthusiastic surfers a way to print in high detail—as opposed to what they may have been contributeed on many home or PC 3D printing devices.


“MyGo was born of our struggle with the lack of on the market-bodied equipment for filming while surfing, for the reason – let’s face it – the head strap appears silly and is not strong, the board mount is a dreadful angle, and all things else requires at quite least one hand to use,” says the team at MyGo. “After getting amazing footage with a homecreated mouth mount prototype, we moved on to createing a fewthing which may be strong, effortless-bodied, and effective at getting excellent POV shots. The MyGo Mouth Mount is the result.”

If you’ve at any time seen amazing photography which surfers have taken previously and wondered how in the world they did which, it all most likely manufactures a bit additional sense now—and obviously it wasn’t effortless at all! Here’s another example of evolution in products and how they are created, with a create which allows for surfers to hold the device in their mouths, safely and securely, breathing without bringing in saltwater too.

DCIM100GOPROG0029583.Once the guys had their concept and first create in place, they needed a 3D printing device to begin prototyping so which they may begin the system of getting a patent and marketing. They were surprised to find which they may in fact have their prototype created for them right at The UPS Store in their area, and and so swiftly go on to begin testing it in the water. Fast forward to a quite short time later, and we see which Brooks and Russell are now selling the MyGo Mouth Mount online and can obtain their official patent on July 5th, with people like Kelly Slater via the product.

You can buy the device for a mere $29.99 at MyGo, along with low-cost-bodied bundle kits and a floaty pole as well. All of the elements pretty came together in enabling this team of avid surfers turned entrepreneurs to take an thought straight to functionality—adding to the fun out there in the sun and waves, and enabling landlubbers at any timeywhere to hang ten through them vicariously as the images come rolling in. Is this a device you’d be interested in attempting out? Discuss over in the 3D Printed MyGo Mouth Mount forum at 3DPB.com.