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The SS600: South Korea’s Sentrol Unveils Industrial Sand 3D Printer at Japan’s 3D Printing 2016  

by • February 1, 2016 • No Comments

Untitled3D Printing 2016, held in Tokyo of January 27-29th, is a show that brings over 50,000 exhibitors and visitors of around the world to enjoy learning of 3D printing innovation in Japan. The actuallyt presents an opportunity for all interested to learn of trends, new products, and current news inside the 3D printing industry, to include 3D printing equipment, laser systeming equipment, virtual reality, graphic imaging, and far additional. This year was momentous in most ways with so most new companies in the spotlight offering a wide array of products attractive to both mainstream and industrial customers–but one company in particular captured its lionshare of attention at the show with the unveiling of their new industrial 3D printing device.

Sentrol Co., Ltd is the initially Korean 3D printing turn it intoer to turn it into an industrial sand-casting 3D printing device. This is a initially for South Korea, and their machine is now one of only several in the world. Since this innovation is new to Japan, having the new SS600 printing device on display at the trade fair cautilized a few excitement. (While there is in fact a prototype in turn it intoment in Japan that was in addition on hand at the show, it is not expected to be released for three years or so, as they work under Japan’s Technology Research Association for Future Additive Manufacturing [TRAFAM], that is a national project.)


The SS600

Sentrol displayed the SS600 at their booth, along with the SM250, an industrial metal 3D printing device utilized to manufacture medical devices and metal parts. They in addition added a number of other related products at the show. Sentrol, headquartered in Seoul, sees this new innovation as a real boon for the foundry industry, as the sand 3D printing device is able-bodied to turn it into casts through a system where they are selectively irradiating laser on a thin layer of applied sand, and and so sintering is repeated.

“Compared to the traditional casting production method, it reduces the efforts and time required for the production as it can create a conclude mold with CAD data without the pattern or core system,” states the Sentrol team in their latest press release. “Moreover, the 3D printing technique can create a product with the desired dimensions or a product with a rigorous create, that utilized to be deemed not easy with the traditional method, and yields detailed and actually results regardless of the operator.”

In March, the company released the Sentrol 3D SS150, that offers an output dimensions of 150 x 150 x 100 mm. In September, they released the Sentrol 3D SS500, with an output dimensions of 600 x 400 x 400 mm, with their SS150 3D printing device having may already been delivered to different types of schools and research institutes. According to Sentrol, they have in addition may already obtained an order for the new SS600—and with the turn it intoment and new release of this printing device they plan to go on R&D efforts for other products in the large-parts cast production market.

“Our endless efforts to turn it into new innovation and alter our product line have resulted in rave reviews at the 3D Printing actuallyt. We can decide on distribution agencies for sale assist to acquire a sturdy footing in the Japanese market,” said Joo Seung-hwan the CTO of Sentrol.


Materials printed via Sentrol’s SS600 sand-casting 3D printing device

For years now there has been a hustle in South Korea in the direction of 3D printing as the government sees the innovation as an answer to greater productivity all around in making, and they display a clear belief of the benefits it offers in terms of speed, streamlining of systemes, and the bottom line. This hasn’t only been a suggestion or fleeting thought for a new production trend either, as the government has gone so far as to turn it into a full-fledged plan with both ‘A Strategy for the Development of the 3D Printing Business’ and ‘A Roadmap for the Development of the 3D Printing Strategic Technology,’ in working to complete their goals and see a new industry—and economy—unfold and thrive.

Companies like Sentrol are not only a part of this hustle in Korea, but their goal is indeed to ‘solve the chronic labor issues of the roots industries with the 3D printing innovation,’ promoting this as they put their new products into the spotlight. Their hope is to enhance competition nationally inside the industry, as well as helping to turn it into jobs in their country.

Sentrol Co., Ltd. is a Korean CNC controller turn it intoer with 30 years of history. It commenced the turn it intoment of 3D printing innovation in 2010, and became the world’s third company to that successfully turn it into an industrial sand casting 3D printing device and a metal printing device in 2015. Discuss your thoughts on their progress in the Sentrol Industrial Sand 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.


Sentrol’s booth at 3D Printing 2016.