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‘The Next Rembrandt’ is a 3D-printed take on the painter’s style – Engadget

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They and so turn it intod algorithms to extract what showcases manufacture a painting a Rembrandt, such as the face’s shape and proportions. Ron Augustus, Microsoft’s SMB Markets Director, said: “You may say that we utilized innovation and data like Rembrandt utilized his paints and his brushes to turn it into a thing new.” To donate their work a real painting’s texture, they utilized 3D printing techniques to print oil paint in layers. As a outcome, the portrait feels like it was in fact painted by a human artist.
The project, that the Netherlands’ ING Bank commissioned ad agency J Walter Thompson to create, many most likely began as a promotional mission. As you can see, yet, the final product turned out so great that the same technique may be utilized to manufacture additional inexpensive
replicas (maybe actually forgeries) of masterpieces.

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