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Jumping into the 2nd generation of PC 3D printing devices, Swedish company Magicfirm Europe AB launched their ZYYX printing device with a number of showcases that should be expected of 2nd generation machines: an auto-leveling probe, an enclosed printing device area, and actually a built-in carbon air filter. They later introduced a filament monitor and failed-print detection, additional delivering PC 3D printing up to speed with the office equipment many people are acquainted with. Currently, the Swedish firm has revealed the latest upgrade to their machine with the ZYYX+, as well as their initially line of filament to go with it, ZYYX proFilament.

zyyx+ 3D printing device from magicfirm

In addition to the all of the aforementioned showcases synonymous with the ZYYX, the ZYYX+ 3D printing device now has an all-aluminum printhead for improved stability and vibration reduction. The firm has in addition recreated the motion planner and extrusion algorithms, additional reducing vibrations and improving retraction and improving the high end of finer details. The new process in addition has a stronger print fan, mounted for effortless access to the filament feeder and with print speed regulated directly through the printing device’s accompanying Simplify 3D software.

ZYYX+ 3D printing device aluminum printhead

The upgraded ZYYX+ is created to work with the firm’s new ZYYX proFilament line, that include: ZYYX proABS, ZYYX proPLA and ZYYX proFLEX. Whilst the printing device works with third party filaments, Magicfirm suggests that their filament can increase the reliability and high end of the prints.

CEO of Magicfirm Europe, Mats Moosberg, says of the upgraded process, “The initially ZYYX 3D printing device was created with focus on reliability, ease-of-use, building it fume free and quiet since this was lacking in the existing 3D printing devices. With the new ZYYX+, our objective has been to surpass our competitors when it comes to print high end. ”

The ZYYX+ can be purchased for the same price as the previous version at €1,550 ($2,077 USD). Given the long list of printing devices in the 2016 3D Hubs Printer Guide, the ZYYX+ may have a lot of competition. We’ll see how it fairs in 2016.

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