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The LOCOOP Y Delta 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo and Reaches 50% of Funding Goal on Its First Day

by • July 14, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_LOCOOP_Y_logoThe PC 3D printing device market has long been dominated by cartesian 3D printing devices, and all of the glitches, slipped layers and misprints that come along with them. Whilst improved software and hardware have reduced printing errors in the last few years, the innovation can yet be frustratingly finicky. Linear delta printing devices contribute slightly advantageous printing reliability and repeatability, yet they are plagued by the same hardware issues, the reliance on carrier rails for the movement of the print head. Because PC 3D printing devices require to maintain constant tension on these carrier rails, they frequently require to be recalibrated, and parts wear out significantly faster.

3dp_LOCOOP_Y_DiagramBut a South Korean startup called LOCOOP believes that they have brought a new kind of innovation to 3D printing devices that can improve the reliability, repeatability and the precision of PC 3D printing. Rather than via standard delta 3D printing device innovation that operates the three arms with the same mechanism, the team at LOCOOP modified
Original Delta Technology, typically utilized in high-speed robotic assembly applications, to their new 3D printing device, the LOCOOP Y. The three arms on the LOCOOP Y are regulated independently, that reduces the wear and tear on parts, improves accuracy, and prevents the types of misprints and layer slips that can frequently strike during sizeable 3D print jobs.

Each of the arms on the printing device are operated independently, that reduces wear and tear and improves accuracy.

Each of the arms on the printing device is operated independently, that reduces wear and tear and improves accuracy.

Original Delta Technology has never been modified
for PC 3D printing preceding, and LOCOOP believes that their printing device is the many accurate and reliable 3D printing device that can be purchased for less than $1,500. The startup is looking to crowdfund adequate to commence the LOCOOP Y on Indiegogo, and after only a single day it has may aleager pulled in additional than 60% of its $50,000 goal. And the 3D printing devices are priced to sell, with the (now all gone) 50%-off-retail Super Early Bird price of $890. The Early Bird version is yet on the market with a 45% discount off of retail at $990. There are in addition a bunch of versions and add ons, which include an extra print bed for $49, an extra extruder for $199 and extra rolls of filament for only $25.

The LOCOOP Y Delta 3D Printer.

The LOCOOP Y Delta 3D Printer.

The LOCOOP Y prints with a 50 micron layer resolution, and the printheads have magnetic joints so they can be swapped in and out inside seconds. The printing device can be regulated via its sizeable front panel touch screen, which include printing directly of an SD card, activating the cleaning cycle, calibrating the printing device and leveling the print bed. It comes with a closed, temperature stabilizing print chamber that helps reduce misprints and layer adhesion issues. And it uses open source Cura 3D printing software so it can be effortless to use on any desktop operating process.

Highly accurate 3D printed gears.

Highly accurate 3D printed gears.

According to LOCOOP they are eager to start production on the LOCOOP Y only as soon as they have their final order numbers in. They assume that fulfillment may take place as early as December 2016 and they ship to backers of almany anywhere. Shipping costs range of $10 for backers in Korea to $90 for backers in North America and $130 for backers in Europe. Each LOCOOP Y 3D printing device can include a 1 kg spool of 1.75mm filament, a 4GB SD card and a standard 100-240V 60W power adapter.

You can watch the Indiegogo campaign video here:

Any crowdfunding campaign is always going to carry with it risks, so manufacture certain that you are effortless with risking the backing amount preceding you pledge it. It is worth mentioning that LOCOOP is working with Intops, a well-established company that manufactures products like Galaxy smartphones, VR headsets and smart watches. Additionally, the Original Delta Technology is commonly utilized on industrial-quality making hardware, so this is not new or experimental innovation. You can learn additional of the LOCOOP Y on the Indiegogo campaign, and you can learn additional of LOCOOP on their webpage. Discuss Further in the LOCOOP Y 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.