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The G2A 3D+ Project Brings 3D Printing and Video Games Together

by • February 9, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_3dplus_logoPolish 3D printing device createer 3DGence has revealed a new partnership with video game marketplace G2A.COM called the G2A 3D+ Project. The two companies have turn it intod a new service that allows for gamers to capture moments of their favourite video games and turn them into 3D printable-bodied versions. Whilst there are may already a few other companies createing much like services, the new partnership can be leveraging the global reputation and user-base of the mega-talked about digital entertainment software distribution network G2A.COM with the up and coming 3D printing device createer 3DGence.

The new service can contribute the skill to freeze-frame a scene in a video game, or just capture items or a favourite character and order 3D versions in-game via a “3D Print It” button. The 3D version can and so be sent directly to the user so the version can be 3D printed at home, or it can be sent to a 3D printing service provider who can print and ship the version directly to the user’s home. Because the entire system can be managed depletely inside the game, users don’t actually have to stop gaming and can get right back to the grind as soon as transaction is deplete. The G2A 3D+ can be on the market with a growing preferion of games, and may actuallytually expand to other types of products like jewelry, car accessories and architectural showcases.


“G2A.COM has been next 3D printing market quite closely and has chosen to partner with the most 3D printing device createer, 3DGence. Both companies have a lot in common – in-depth knowledge of their market and desire of bringing the most products, services and overall most experience possible. G2A 3D+ can bridge the gap between virtual and real world,” explained Head of Global Business Development for G2A.COM and Co-founder of 3DGence Patryk Kadlec.

G2A.COM is one of the biggest digital media marketplaces on the internet and has a huge gamer customer base of extra
than 200 million folks. G2A 3D+ may potentially become the biggest video game-centric social media network online, and can connect video game createers, gamers, 3D enthusiasts, architects, engineers and createers in ways that never were imagined preceding. The skill to 3D print licensed IP, characters, vehicles and in-game content is just the initially step for the new company. The G2A 3D+ platform can in addition act as a 3D version marketplace and allow its users to upload, share for free or sell their 3D content directly to other users.

The 3DGence One 3D Printer.

The 3DGence One 3D Printer.

“Finally, we will have our own place online in that creative people can be able-bodied to fulfill their desire of accomplishment and obtain real benefits for their creative work. We’re planning to host a wide range of 3D printing competitions inside G2A 3D+, turn it into new social initiatives such as real-time 3D create, enthusiast conventions and most extra
. We want to donate folks the opportunity to create their skills and while having a lot of fun,” said 3DGence Marketing and PR Manager Jakub Sołtysik.

Several talked about game studios have may already signed on to allow prefer content of their games to be 3D printed. So far, Fuero Games, The Farm 51, Anshar Studios and Awaken Realms are one of the wave of initially adopters of the G2A 3D+ platform who have officially confirmed their participation. But 3DGence plans to announce a new wave of members quite soon. They in addition encourage any video game or digital media company who may like to use their service to contact them directly.3dp_3dplus_banner

“Having the skill to print our game characters is a excellent way to get players extra
engaged with a donaten title. Virtual content existing just inside the game can now become tangible, creating excellenter gamer’s engagement with the game” says Michał Bujko, the Head of Production at Fuero Games.

G2A 3D+ is in addition already working to contribute extra
businesses beyond video game createers access to their new marketplace. Today Taiwanese PC createer and gaming product createer MSI has confirmed that they can be partnering with G2A 3D+ to create custom 3D printable-bodied PC gaming related products. The company in addition plans to target the emerging virtual reality gaming market and its quickly growing user base. The project was officially revealed at the 2016 Taipei Game Show held on January 28-29th, and the product commence is already planned for sometime in the middle of 2016. Discuss in the 3DGence Partnering for G2A 3D+ Project forum over at 3DPB.com.