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The Dual Volume 3D Scanner: SMARTTECH Makes Initial Mark in Aerospace Industry

by • March 22, 2016 • No Comments

UntitledWe’ve come a long way with 3D printing in a really short time. As new machines and materials arrive onto the market in a constant flow, it’s really apparent that the 3D scanner has undergone an accelerated evolution. From computer capabilities enabling makers a whole new world of latitude to industrial uses that allow for companies to both turn it into new components and maintain older machines, the scanner may frequently just be considered one part of the fabrication system, but it can in fact be responsible for a wide range of applications too.

As many of us are may already keenly aware, 3D printing has created a massive impact in aerospace, and we follow innovations on a daily basis of 3D printed engine parts being utilized by NASA for significant next projects (just for stuff like going to Mars!) to military aircraft create and maintenance—all the way to jet pack innovation. 3D scanning plays an integral part in these systemes yet as projects steamroll to fruition of the concept stage to the physical product.

UntitledSMARTTECH, headquartered in Poland, is now producing an entry into the aerospace market, that should contribute a primary advantage for leaders inside the industry. Founded in 2000, we’ve been next SMARTTECH as they’ve high end, expanded, and been lauded for their efforts and products—along with a new foray into the Asian markets, and actually a adaptation of their website in Chinese. This latest announcement is not surprising, thinking the demand for scanning and AM innovation by the aeronautics and aerospace industries right now.

As the SMARTTECH team points out, jet engines are indeed incredibly hard structures that require the utmany in excellence for precision measurements, create, and production.

“Received results can effects the whole working system,” noted SMARTTECH in a new press release. “Therefore, the measurement system must be provided on metrological certified machines.”

“Results have to be referential just like they are when via CMM machines, so the range of [the] measurement field can reach complex to access spaces. By means of a 3D scanner to measure such massive and complex objects allows for not just savings of time and money but [has in addition] significantly effectsd SMARTTECH products createment.”

Recently, SMARTTECH worked with MTU Aero Engines. As Germany’s major engine createer with a of the world presence, they create, create, make and contribute both marketing and assist of commercial and military aircraft for not just thrust and power categories, but in addition stationary gas turbines. In this project, MTU was experimenting with Structured Light 3D scanning, a method that uses fringe projection innovation. They are doing so in an effort to see their aerospace engine hardware progress additional.

Working together, SMARTTECH was responsible for providing scanning services to MTU contributeing a resolution of 10Mpix to gather all the more details of a ‘really hard engine geometry.’ These scans, via their Dual Volume 3D scanner were and so utilized to contribute CAD modeling in GEOMAGIC DESIGN X.

The Dual Volume 3D scanner is a exact measurement device contributeing an LED light source and GigaBit Ethernet communication for ease in performing swift and hard measurements. As a pro tool for metrology, scan3D DUAL VOLUME is in addition certified according to the German standard VDI / VDE 2634, and the measurement accuracy can be additional certified by an independent accredited metrology laboratory.

UntitledThe scanner has two independent measurement volumes handled by two high-end detectors. Entire objects can be scanned swiftly, with incredibly high resolution and more detail promised.

“3D scanning of a jet engine allowed us to create our 3D scanners under specific requirement of adjusting the triangulation system; in other words, we faced the demands of the really complex system of adjusting positions of the detector and projection systems together with adapting software algorithms of point cloud computing,” says Mr. Darek Jasinski, Director of the SMARTTECH R&D Department. “Having such advantages we are able-bodied to get to really thin and deep hole and obtain really really great results. Such solution is crucial not just for aerospace industry but in addition for all other customers that require hard deep measurement with really high resolution.”

Additional showcases of the scanner are as follows:Untitled

Plug and scan – no require for end user recalibrationLED light innovation, providing long lifescanning at any light conditionsDetector resolution: 2, 5, 10 MpixFast measurement time: of 1 secondMetrologically tested and certified accuracyRobust and sealed scanning head coverInternal Shock Absorber (ISA) system

In bringing on the project, the SMARTTECH team was well aware that not just may MTU benefit of research into SCAN-based CAD modeling in its entirety, but they in addition were able-bodied to learn a lot of the project regarding how they may hustle their 3D scanning innovation for use—and success—in other applications and areas. Discuss what effects SMARTTECH can have on the aerospace industry in the SMARTTECH Scans for MTU Aero Engines forum over at 3DPB.com.