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The Chil-Dish Project: Kids Get to Be Both 3D Designers and Chefs

by • April 10, 2016 • No Comments

Blog-picture-2-625x415Need a certainfire way to get kids interested in a thing? Make certain food is involved. There are few things that get children additional excited than food – talking of it, playing with it, and, many of all, eating it. In fairness, there are few things that get adults additional excited, either, but children are the focus of the Chil-Dish Project, an initiative created by createers Kristos Mavrostomos and Anna van der Leij to get kids considering of 3D printing, create and gourmet cooking. The project was implemented at Helsinki Design Week, that took place in September 2015. The challenge issued to the young attendees: create a dish for your favourite dish.

Over 300 children, ranging in age of 1 to 16, took part in the project, sketching out colorful drawings of plates, bowls, cups and pots customized for their young createers’ favourite foods and drinks. Mavrostomos and van der Leij may select ten winners, based on creativity as well as 3D printability, as that was one of the keys to the contest – all winning creates may and so be 3D modeled and printed, with assist of Shapeways.


Using the winners was a complex task, but the ten selected of the sizeable pool of creates are a really excellent mix of creative, utilitarian vessels for ice cream, tea, pasta and other kid-favourite foods and beverages. There’s a teapot shaped like a house, and a two-handled coffee/hot chocolate mug for effortless handling. There are geometric plates and cups, and, my very own favourite, a multi-level spaghetti dish showcasing two connected bowls – one for the pasta, one for the sauce.

childishThe winning entries were turned into 3D models, that were and so sent to Shapeways, who printed them in their not long ago added, food safe porcelain material. The project didn’t end there, yet. The dish creates were just one half of the challenge; the other half was the food that inspired those creates. Only delivering one half of the project to life seemed incomplete, so the Chil-Dish Project enlisted the assist of Restaurant OLO, an award-winning eatery named the most restaurant in Finland in 2015. Unlike the 3D printing part of the project, the kids got to be active members as Restaurant OLO’s chefs took them, step by step, through the system of creating their dream meals – of visiting markets to purchase ingredients to cooking and finally artfully plating the food in its 3D printed receptacles.

It was a excellent opportunity for the children to try on the roles of five-star chefs as well as artists, as they carefully arranged their gourmet food designs on their colorful porcelain dishes. As you can unquestionably see in the video at a lower place, it was a exciting experience for the kids – unsurprisingly, as chefs have taken on the status of film stars in our current culture. More than one next celebrity chef may have gotten an early begin to fame and fortune through this project. Discuss in the 3D Printed Food Dishes forum over at 3DPB.com.