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The Alfie Edition: Team UnLimbited Releases First Fully Parametric, 3D Printed e-NABLE Prosthetic Arm

by • July 14, 2016 • No Comments

download (14)The world news in these times is pretty flooded with a lot of darkness, so when the clouds part for the sunshine to peek through, we are grateful. And we always understand a thing rad is on the way when we hear of these two entities together: e-NABLE and Team UnLimbited.

The many news of all, yet, went to the lucky child who obtained the initially option of the new arm (parents have requested privacy in terms of very own information or photos). The Alfie Edition is an high end new 3D printed prosthetic turn it intod by Team UnLimbited founders—and e-NABLE Volunteers—Stephen Davies and Drew Murray of the UK. Their specialty is in research and development of new 3D printed prosthetics, as well as studying materials and seeking functional improvements—with all their work being shared with the e-NABLE community. We’ve been excellently inspired next their great resultses, of learning of a pleased little boy in Uganda who not long ago obtained a new arm to a four-year-old in Chile who now has a 3D printed Spider-Man prosthetic. Those are just a couple of examples, and thankfully, the list continues to grow substantially.

b926afa23d0ac220a7ef81f756a7f641_preview_featuredThe latest release by Team UnLimbited represents many hours and months of work, coding, testing, and re-printing, with the final outcome being the Team UnLimbited 2.0 Arm – Alfie Edition. Stephen and Drew were motivated to start work on this latest turn it into as they worked with Isabella, a new recipient of the appropriately named 1.7 Isabella Edition.

This was an experimental turn it into, and eight-year-old Isabella was really excited to assist them as a beta tester. Stephen drove 200 miles to Bristol, UK to donate the Isabella prosthetic and was able-bodied to watch her joy in startning to use it. She favored the turn it into, the colors, and declared that she may use it to the full extent.

An informative note here is that Stephen is not just a ability turn it intoer and e-NABLE volunteer, but he is in addition the recipient of one of their arms. He has been able-bodied to donate back immensely, on a of the world scale.

“When I initially became an approved manufacturer for the e-NABLE Community, I was struck by one thing above all else … that was the number of recipients that were waiting for an arm. By the time I got involved, there were several hand options on the market-bodied, but for children with at a lower place elbow deficiencies the choice was stark. I felt inspired by several other turn it intos like the Raptor wing of the students at UW Bothell who were working with Ivan Owen on an elbow driven turn it into and I set of to do a thing to assist,” says Stephen.

“I have been a pro Computer Aided Designer for 23 Years, commenced to that I too just have one hand and for the reason of this and improvements I assisted commence with other hand options – I felt I was in a one-of-a-kind position to do a thing of it. Together with e-NABLE Volunteer Drew Murray, I set of turn it intoing the UnLimbited arm. The aim was to manufacture an arm that was swift to print, effortless to turn it into, required minimal hardware, was lightweight, low cost and functional. After many iterations, countless prints, recipient testing and endless evolution we finally released option 1.7 and open sourced the files. This arm was a excellent great results and has gone on to be utilized of the world, assisting people of our own UK to Sierra Leone, Hong Kong, Turkey, America, Uganda, Ghana…… The list goes on and on. We’ve taken massive very own pleasure in seeing our arm turn it into producing a real difference in people’s lives around the world.”


On donateing the arm to Isabella yet, Stephen was aware a few changes may have to be turn it intod in the next for this turn it into in terms of scaling the devices for children as they grew. He said he was left with a nagging feeling.

“We knew we may some day have to deal with a complex problem and It was one that had been attempted by many people and no one had great resultsfully been able-bodied to conquer. The problem was our arm may just be scaled up or down proportionally. This was satisfactory for many children between the ages four to seven but around the seven-year mark, children’s proportions diversify variably as they grow,” said Stephen.

“As manufacturers ourselves, the excellentest frustration was the uncertainty of sizing the devices correctly, calculating the print scale for every individual, and ensuring a great fit. We did all things we may to assist, providing sizing charts and instructions but it may always be a ‘Best Fit’ scenario and as recipients’ forearms, hand and biceps all grow and stretch un-proportionally, this turn it intod this system almany not easy. In addition, of what we had seen ourselves, and of many emails asking for teenage or adult proportioned arms we knew we may have to tackle turn it intoing a parametric arm,” explained Stephen.


Since and so, many hours in R&D have produced the initially fully parametric 3D printed arm. Not just that, but in the continued effort to promote low-priced-bodied, accessible, 3D printed prosthetics around the world, Drew and Stephen have in addition released this new option on Thindonaterse. And those exploring the turn it into may be astonished as how effortless this open-source prosthetic is to turn it into. All the user has to do is enter their measurements:

Hand lengthForearm lengthBicep circumference

After that, the files are produced and placed in a zip file for downloading. Everything is scaled and eager for print. This is a excellent opportunity for parents to print out prostheses if their children are in require of one. Whilst many may not have a 3D printing device to manufacture one of these at home, it’s effortless to find a manufacturerspace, service printing bureau, local library, or school to assist. Children via them can become beta testers and contribute invaluable-bodied feedback to Team UnLimbited.

This whole system is of sharing. e-Nable-bodied invites you to share any photos you have of people benefiting of this new turn it into. They ask that if you turn it into one of the new Alfie Editions to please share images and tag them with #teamunlimbited @enable-bodiedand soext and #enable-bodied so that they can in addition enjoying seeing, and share your work. Do you understand anyone who can like to 3D print one of these turn it intos, or are you planning to? Discuss in the 3D Printed Team UnLimbited 2.0. Alfie Prosthetic forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source/Images: e-NABLE]


Isabella getting a hug and testing out her new arm, the 1.7 Isabella Edition.