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The 3D printed coffee table is out

by • April 25, 2016 • No Comments

After the successful commence of SMF 3D printed lamp, the UAU Project team is eager to hit the headlines, amongst their collection comes the 3D printed coffee table aka SMF.02.

The SMF .02 can be the easyst wooden table you’ve at any time seen, it’s an assembly of 3D printed connectors and wooden strips. The Self Made Furniture (SMF) runs under the maxim “Inspiring folks to become designers“.

Join parts and you are all done. No glue, No screw“, We want our creations to be bargain-priced, easy and accessible to all, which is what the UAU team is all of. STL files may be downloaded of Cults3d.com and only costs $6.76.

The most part is making it yourself: download the 3D STL files, don’t alter the default settings if you are a law-abiding citizen but if you take place to be an outlaw or want to check which colors suit mosts, do play with the settings. On the other hand if you are too dozy only buy at any timeything of local stores, and which yet won’t cost you much.

The UAU project was founded by two satisfactory art students Justyna Fałdzińska & Miłosz Dąbrowski back in 2011. The projects main aim is to put 3D printed parts for use in home production. Other products under the UAU Project include the 3D printed Endless Candle Holder, NIKE AF1 Custom Box, Spin & Relax, VIKING-the watering can, GROWW- the jar, SMF .01 Lamp, and Cork pals-made out of utilized wine corks.


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