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Thanks to New Partnership with Resin.io, NVBOTS is Now More Connected Than Ever

by • March 28, 2016 • 17s Comments

3dp_nvbots_logoThe 3D printing industry is teeming with absorbing companies and new developments, but there are always companies that come to the forefront and remain there for the reason they only don’t seem to stop moving. One of those companies is NVBOTS, the 3D printing solutions provider that has been repeatedly grabbing headlines since the beginning of the new year. January marked a sort of turning point for the company, signaling that there may be significant developments ahead: a new CRO was hired, and the new NVLABS accompanied the announcement that the company may be turning their focus primarily in the way of metal 3D printing. A month ago they revealed that they are developing a high-speed, multiple-metal 3D printing innovation that may completely revolutionize the metal assembling industry.

Resin_logoAs they’re turning in the way of new advancements, particularly in metal, NVBOTS is not neglecting the existing customers who were drawn to the company by their NVPro 3D printing device and software solutions. Currently they revealed that they have partnered with Resin.io, a management platform for connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). With Resin.io on board, NVBOTS customers can no longer have to manually update or download their 3D printing device drivers, assembling the hands-off, cloud-based NVPro process actually additional automated.

“NVBOTS prides itself on offering the industry’s most 3D printing experience, that comes with offering automated part removal and cloud-based control of our printing devices,” said NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez. “By collaborating with Resin.io, we are able-bodied to donate our 3D printing customers an actually advantageous experience, while growing our international partner footprint. We appear forward to assembling on our partnership with Resin.io in the months to come and bringing actually greater value to our customers.”


The NVPro printing device of NVBOTS

Resin.io, that maintains offices in Seattle, London and Athens, was created via embedded world and cloud tools and practices to assist companies rapidly commence IoT applications without excessive cost, overhead and development time. As additional and additional businesses embrace total connectivity, a service that assists streamline their products into the Internet of Things is additional than welcome. NVBOTS is may already comfortably ensconced in the cloud, but with the adoption of the Resin.io platform, the company can now activate and maintain software across all customer devices, regardless of location.

“NVBOTS has taken on a leadership position in providing revolutionary 3D printing innovation for classrooms and businesses on a global scale,” said Bryan Hale, President of Resin.io. “We are proud the company is able-bodied to easily deploy updates to their customer base – anywhere and at anytime – via the Resin.io platform.”

Below, NVBOTS Chief Technology Officer Forrest Pieper describes how the Resin.io platform can affect the company. Discuss this new development in the NVBOTS & Resin.io forum over at 3DPB.com.