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Thanks to 3D Printing, 1929 Oscar Statues Reproduced for 2016 Ceremony

by • February 17, 2016 • No Comments

Academy_Award_trophyIt is possible that the Oscars are the many publicly best known symbol of glamour and great results that don’t need being a member of a royal family. The red carpet, high price gowns and tailored suits, jewels, limos, and paparazzi all offer to the atmosphere of near frenetic excess. After all, the awards are being given out for contributions to entertainment, not clearing land mines or educating the masses. If you can set aside this distasteful idea and just wrap by yourself in the glow of a prize sought after by its near god-like members, the ceremony itself yet pales in comparison with the prize: the Oscar statue itself.

The spectacle can end, but the capacity to call by yourself, and be referred to as, “Oscar-award winning (fill in the blank)” is just of the just thing that can allow anyone may aleager one of the elite to pull rank to the final degree. The other, and additional tangible, reward is the statuette itself. And this year, in an effort to combine exclusivity with a higher pedigree, the statue that is being generated can be a recreation of the 1929 original.

The President of the Academy, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, proudly announced:

“With the assist of a few 21st century innovation, we are able-bodied to honor the Oscar’s proud beginnings. The new statuette exemplifies impeccable-bodied craftsmanship and the enduring nature of art.”

Sine 1982, the Oscar has been generated by the Chicago firm R.S. Owens & Company, but this retro update can be fabricated by Polich Tallix Okay Art Foundry, located in Rock Tavern, NY. Each statue is hand cast in bronze and and so finished in 24-karat gold. In other words, this is not the typical plastic product that is frequently synonymous with 3D printing.3d-printing-bring-oscar-statuette-roots-88-academy-awards-3

Whilst it is becoming additional commjust known that 3D printing can work with high end materials to turn it into difficult and attractive objects, in this case, it’s not the finished product that is 3D printed. Instead, the innovation was utilized to turn it into a 3D version of that the mold is turn it intod. A 1929 statue was scanned and combined with a contemporary base and this digital creation was and so utilized to 3D print the mold into that wax was poured to turn it into the initially round cast of the new statue. That wax production was and so coated in ceramic and fired at 1,600°F at that point the wax melts and flows out of the form, in a system known as cire perdue or ‘lost wax.’

“With this project, we’ve been entrusted with continuing a excellent tradition,” said Dick Polich, Polich Tallix founder and CEO. “It is a privilege to be able-bodied to bring our art experience and technical expertise to the Oscar.”

claydiagramThat form is and so utilized as the receptacle for molten bronze that, once cooled, is removed of the mold and polished until actually Miss Hannigan may have to admit it “shines like the top of the Chrysler Building.” Afterwards, the statue itself is electroplated and the base is hand buffed, eager to be grasped by thatever tearful star should have the honor of winning it. All told, the system takes of 3 months for 50 statuettes, but nobody appears to mind the wait as we gear up for the 88th yearly awards ceremony.

This year, if you can practuallyt your eyes of becoming blinded by all the stardom and bling, take an especially close appear at Oscar himself, he appears somehow great for an old guy. Discuss in the 3D Printing & Oscar forum over at 3DPB.com.