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Tecnica receives US patent for infrared 3D printer bed leveling system – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jan 19, 2016 | By Benedict
3D printing specialist Tecnica, Inc. has got a US patent for its new 3D printing device bed leveling system. The additive making invention uses a one-of-a-kind alignment and leveling system, helping to reduce 3D printing time and eliminate the errors caused by bed leveling issues.

Incorrectly aligning the print-bed of a 3D printing device is a common mistake created by rookie manufacturers. To ensure an accurate print, it is essential to set the 3D printing device nozzle at the correct distance of the print surface, and to manufacture sure that the surface is concludely level. If this alignment is performed incorrectly or not at all, the 3D printing device in question may throw up a few nasty surprises. Understandably, having to perform this calibration over and over again can be a cause of frustration for 3D printing enthusiasts, that is why Tecnica wanted to manufacture the system as swift and easy as possible.
The company’s newly-patented create platform allows for for swift and accurate alignment between the print surface and print head, reducing preparation time and increasing accuracy. Furtheradditional, the innovation has been created with maximum compatibility in mind. The leveling system can be incorporated into existing printing devices or licensed to 3D printing device manufacturers so that they may reproduce the system themselves, so the newly-patented system may soon become a standard component.

Last year, with the patent yet pending, the company explained the technical side of its leveling system in a news post: “The invention is based on transmitting light of the print head and analyzing the returned light of the print bed. A light source (infrared LED) mounted and surrounded by Light detectors (photo transistors) is mounted following to the print. The light source emits light that is reflected back of the print bed. The system is fully automated and takes less than a minute to conclude.
“The surrounding photo detectors [measure] the light coming back (angle of incident). The invention is based on emission of infrared signals and reception of the deflecting signals of the opposite surface. The patent incorporates a tuneup algorithm and a leveling algorithm to control the leveling actuator.”
This latest patent expands the 3D printing company’s burgeoning portfolio of Intellectual Properties, that comes with hardware, software and algorithms. Since its inception in 2013, the Great Neck, New York based Tecnica has tasked its team of electrical engineers, desktop engineers, physicists and mechanical engineers with optimizing the 3D printing system to provide higher high end, advantageous resolution 3D printing devices at a lower cost.

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