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Technology: With 3D printing, you can convert any sound into a beautiful gold-plated ring – Asia Times

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Planning to propose to your sweetheart? With 3D innovation, you can do it differently.
Encode Ring, a Japanese company, has come up with a unique concept, that is radically personalized. The createers of this company can manufacture use of your sound waves to print an stylish, unique ring.
Several artists and companies in modern times are via 3D-printing innovation to manufacture jewelry.
All you require to do is record your voice via a smartphone and upload a three-minute video of your sound waves on the company’s website. You can place your order for the ring by filling out an online form.
After the order is placed, the createers at Encode can turn it into a digital adaptation of the jewel and send it to you for approval.
If you are satisfied with the digital create, Encode can 3D-print it and later proceed to coloring and polishing the jewel. The finished ring can be sent to you in a attractive black box.
The 3D printed Encode rings are on the market in five sizes and comes in three colors: 14k gold paint, 14k rose paint, and premium silver. Each costs $300. The company in addition takes international orders.
According to 3Ders, printed jewellery createing is not a foreign concept. Several artists and companies have been via the innovation to manufacture plastic bracelets and engagement rings. Moreover, these custom-created creates created via emerging technologies add a sure sentimental touch. Dutch goldsmith Cardillac Jewelers, that has been in the business for 27 years, not long ago acquired an Ultimanufacturer 3D printing device for creating 3D printed ‘Face-to-Face’ rings, shaped like the profile of the wearer or a enjoyed one, noted 3Ders on its website.
Apart of rings, such companies in addition contribute bracelets, ear studs, bangles, and chains.
Brands like Etsy too have hopped on the 3D-printing bandwagon to contribute customers personalized jewelry.

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