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Tech-forward Knaus Sun i luxury motorhome travels in style

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The 2016 Knaus Sun i can not have the smooth, fluid fashion of the Caravisio, but Knaus’ new flagship motorhome does share a few high-tech inspiration with that 2013 caravan concept. Billed as the “most Knaus ever,” the luxurious motorhome is packed with features and versions, that include smartphone lighting control and a slide-out outdoor TV with Bluetooth audio.

  • The layout of the two single beds in the 900 LEG floor plan is similar to ...
  • The Sun i comes with a Dometic toilet
  • The bathroom with glass shower and separate sink area
  • The Sun i motorhome shares a taillight create with the Eurostar caravan

Knaus’ new range topper is a 128-hp Fiat Ducato-based motorhome loaded with high-end create and tech. It measures 29 feet (8.82-m) long and weighs 8,289 lb (3,760 kg). The LED daytime running lamps up front are complemented by Eurostar-derived taillights. Inside, queen- and single-bed floor plans every sleep and seat four folks.

Knaus says the Sun i was createed with a philosophy of “the most of all things and always a bit extra
than you in fact need.” Nothing advantageous exemplifies that philosophy than the new versional features.

Our favourite version is easily the outdoor entertainment process, that comes with a pull-out 32-in TV with two neatly docked sets of Bluetooth headphones. The pavement-centric Sun i won’t bring your entertainment to the remote areas that the EarthRoamer XV-LTS can, but it’ll yet set you up for a few serious TV viewing under the sun.

The outdoor TV isn’t the just new entertainment feature. With the on the market electric retraction process, the versional indoor television slides neatly behind the bench seating, popping out at the hustle of a button. It’s there when you want it, out of sight when you don’t.

One other informative version, that Knaus declares a never-before-seen initially, the extendable under-floor storage space bin rises 16 in (40 cm) at the hustle of a button, delivering its contents right to you. That bin is located in a kitchen area that in addition comes with a three-burner stove, stainless steel sink, 190-liter refrigerator, slate worktop, and a series of shelves that feature your kitchen provisions like part of the decor.

The Sun i’s central multi-area bathroom comes with a shower room, vanity sink and Dometic toilet. The shower is enclosed with rounded glass.

Similar to the Caravisio and the Eurostar that followed, the Sun i has yacht-fashion flooring underfoot. Other materials include a textile ceiling liner and slate-look dining room tabletop.

The Sun i has Alde hot water heating, up to 180 liters of fresh water ability, 170 liters of waste water ability, and two 95Ah AGM batteries. The extensive versions list comes with air conditioning, different types of entertainment packages and components, a gas oven and an alarm process. When the versional WLAN is introduced, the interior LED lighting can be regulated via smartphone.

The Sun i debuted at last year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon and created an appearance at the CMT show last month. It starts at €97,400 (approx. US$109,000). Knaus tells us that it can feature four extra
floor plans at this year’s Düsseldorf show, that starts in August.

Source: Knaus

  • A look at the bathroom vanity
  • In the dining area
  • A look in the kitchen drawers
  • The kitchen comes with a three-burner stove and plenty of storage space

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