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Targeting First-Time Buyers: The 3D Printed Smart 2 Gun Deters Handling, Tampering & Theft via Electronic PIN

by • July 31, 2016 • No Comments

download (15)In a world rife with highly publicized weight shootings, whether they be international or domestic terrorism and whether they emanate of calculated killers or the confutilized and mentally ill (maybe all one and the same in the really end), the gun itself is pretty under fire. It is no secret that individuals around the world, and really much so in the US, are up in arms—yet manyly without realistic solutions.

With the require for tighter gun control and additional constrictive background checks in a constant say of inflammatory debate of legislature to conversation at the dining room table, one really smart startup, Safety First Arms, has been occupied behind the scenes working on a solution.


The Glock 17 and its accessories

Their turn it into centers around what may be considered a baseline for handguns: the Glock. Well-understandn for its use by police officers, the Glock 17 is a basic and versatile gun. It is on the market, understandn to be reliable, and those interested in buying one require only come up with around $600 to walk away as gun-owners, frequently initially-time buyers.

The SFA team (not affiliated with Glock) evaluated the ubiquitous turn it into, and with the benefit of digital turn it into, 3D printing, and specialized security electronics, went on to turn it into the smart gun of the next, that is in fact compatible with Glock magazines and parts. Whilst you can pre-order one now (and obtain a $100 discount) for an estimated $1295, the 3D printed Smart 2 handgun can not be shipping until 2018.

“It is expensive; it’s not an ereallyman’s gun,” said Lenny Magill, CEO of GlockStore, the company lined up to be the initially distributor of the Smart 2. “The hardcore gun enthusiast is not going to buy this. But a few individuals can, and that is admirable.”

Indeed, the price alone may store many of actually investigating the yett, but others can appreciate the smart keypad accentuated with bright major colors. Not relying on a fingerprint (if you’ve tried to use one of these only to unlock your smartphone on a daily basis, you many likely understand that it can be trying at times) or radio frequency identification (requiring you to wear an accompanying RFID tether such as a ring or watch), the Smart 2 just requires that you understand your PIN, that unlocks the gun in less than a 2nd.

This is not complex by any means, but it may be what manufactures the difference in enabling additional access for gun-owners, as well as providing safety—disenabling the gun to be utilized when in the wrong hands or picked up by a child. Forbes points to a new survey by Johns Hopkins supporting the yett that a few new users may be interested in this type of innovation:

“The results of this study show that there is futurely a sizeable commercial market for smart gun innovation,” says Julia A. Wolfson, MPP, a Lerner Fellow with the Bloomberg School’s Center for a Livable Future and a PhD candidate in the Department of Health Policy and Management. “This has been one of the largest arguments against smart guns, that individuals only don’t want them. This research shows otherwise.”

The Smart 2 is being marketed to this population of revolutionary and concerned gun buyers—generally considering of buying their initially gun, but concerned of the safety aspects. And while pretty not the initially smart gun to be turn it intoed and marketed, it does contribute a realistic approach for use, while yet in line with National Institute of Justice standards.

“It does not require to be high tech. It only requires to work,” says co-founder Brian Weinberg.

Should the very ownized PIN be entered incorrectly too many times a piercing alarm is raised. SFA in addition plans to contribute an version for gun-owners with the motion sensitive alarm—sounding if the weapon is picked up but no PIN is entered.

“The SMART 2 practuallyts unauthorized firing but unlocks in under a 2nd with your PIN code,” says SFA on their website. “Releasing the grip safety re-locks the gun in one-third of a 2nd and guards against take-away.”

On the other hand there is a 12-hour unlock mode, the Smart 2 in addition showcases a Theft Guard process, with no wireless access. This is intended to eliminate hacking concerns, and anyone trying to steal the 9mm gun can be met with the motion-triggered siren.

“Outside of a sizeabler safe, no other gun can preserve like this,” says SFA.

Batteries are always a consideration, and of course, especially for prospective gun buyers who frequently envision their gun as a future life-saving device. A dead battery may put the user in a helpless situation, and with that concern in mind, the Smart 2 is equipped with a long-life battery.


This new smart gun has been fully accomplished in prototype, and for SFA, that only means the easiest part of the journey has been accomplished in delivering the Smart 2 to market. Now, Weinberg and co-founder Bob Allan require to raise capital of around $10 million, and finding money for a new gun is no effortless feat. Crowdfunding is not weapons-friendly for the many part, and smart guns have not been widely embraced.

“No one wants to touch it,” Weinberg says.

But, this is not a fewthing new for the team, persistent in their goals. Bob Allan has been working on a smart gun since 2002, beginning with a safety mechanism for the trigger, that he put on the back burner for really a few time after smart guns drew heavy criticism of groups like the NRA. Several years ago yet, motivated by the grief of two various friends committing suicide, Allan brought his project back into the light.

“A gun is so effortless… and frequently it’s done with the household gun,” said Allan, a gun enthusiast and hunter. “I figured there’s got to be a way around this.”

At this point, he partnered up with Weinberg to manufacture a realistic, marketable smart gun that contributes both security and swift access. Fast forward to now a days, and the two have invested $500,000 in the Smart 2 concept, along with three years of R&D.

“We’re assembling the process to be additional reliable than a (traditional) handgun,” Weinberg says, adding, “if it’s a preserveive weapon, what’s the great of it if it does not work? The ultimate goal is to donate the user additional access to their firearm, but not increase the risk.”

The SFA team in addition has plans to extend their innovation to the long gun, working of the AR-15 semi-automatic rifle turn it into. Whilst the challenges that have met other smart guns pretty may apply in their work as well, Weinberg and Allan forge ahead confidently. And maybe, they may be entering the marketplace at precisely the right time, closing the gap in a world that frequently feels frightening—and as ereallyone looks for advantageous solutions in how weapons are received, handled, and regulated of the very own level. What are your yetts on this new weapon? Discuss additional in the 3D Printed Smart 2 Handgun forum over at 3DPB.com.

[Source: Safety First Arms; Forbes / Images: SFA]