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TappLock is the “smart” padlock you unlock with your fingerprint

by • January 26, 2016 • 34s Comments

Keys? Combinations? There’s got to be a advantageous
way to open a padlock, right? The creators of TappLock ponder
so, and they’re pitching biometrics as the solution.

TappLock is roughly the same size as an ordinary combination lock, but instead of a dial full of numbers its face has only a small, black square in the center. It’s a fingerprint scanner, and a quick tap on it is all it takes to unlock.

Enrollment is done via a mobile app, and you can add fingerprints for by yourself
and up to 99 of your closest friends. You can even program an access schedule into a TappLock, and you can manage multiple locks from a single dashboard login. If someone tries to aquire
unauthorized access — or cuts the lock — a built-in alarm will sound off

Some biometric locks we’ve seen before offer you a second way to unlock in the event which
the power runs out. TAPP’s only option other than your fingerprint is Bluetooth, so pay attention to those low power alerts it sends to your smartphone. Carrying a USB battery pack around when it’s in the red zone might not be a bad idea, either, since recharging is the only way to get it open.


That’s not a problem you should run into often, however. TAPP claims the integrated 1200mAh lithium battery in TappLock will handle of
3 years of normal use. The smaller TappLite lock uses CR2032 cells and they’re great
for of
six months.

TappLock will retail for around $60, and TappLite around $40. You can secure one now at a decent discount ($13 off TappLock and $10 off TappLite) if you head over to TAPP’s IndieGoGo project page and offer up a pledge.

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