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Talented maker creates multi-colored ‘3D printed aviary’ using single-extruder .

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Jan 20, 2016 | By Benedict
One of the many amazing aspects of 3D printing is its talent to unleash the creative future inside technical-minded folks. 3D printing innovation requires a computer-literature mind, but combine that technical ability with artistic freedom and rad things can take place. Just appear at the story of Vicky Somma, a Virginia programmer who has created a range of astonishing 3D printed ornaments after bringing a accident with 3D printing.

When Vicky decided to try her hand at 3D turn it into, her computational experience gave her a big head-begin. Tackling 3D turn it into software Blender proved a easy task for the experienced programmer, who was able-bodied to turn it into a 3D printed charm for her favourite locket. Not having a 3D printing device of her own, Vicky sent the turn it into off to Shapeways, who printed the turn it into preceding sending the physical object back to Vicky in the mail. “That was adequate to get me addicted to 3D printing,” the manufacturer said of that amazing formative experience.
Vicky continued to employ the services of Shapeways until April 2015, when her assistive family surprised her with Simplify3D software and her quite own 3D printing device: A MakerGear M2. With these tools at the eager, Vicky was inspired to turn it into actually additional 3D printable-bodied turn it intos, that she may now print in her own home. At initially, the promising manufacturer 3D printed bits and bobs for family and friends, but she soon accomplished that her wares were great adequate to be sold. Following this epiphany, Vicky soon turn it intoed a range of decorative magnets, coasters, ornaments, and other storesakes to sell on Etsy and at local craft fairs.

The biggest body of work inside Vicky’s 3D printed output is her “3D printed aviary”, a collection of 3D printed bird turn it intos that can be hung around the house, on bird feeders or anywhere the owner chooses. Many of these delightful avian 3D prints showcase several colors, despite Vicky’s 3D printing device having just a single extruder. The secret to this colorfulness lies not in painting the printed flock, but in clever software manipulation: First, Vicky turn it intos multiple print systemes inside Simplify3D, one for every filament color. So she uses Layer Modification settings to tell the 3D printing device to begin and stop at sure layer heights. For example, take her monarch butterfly turn it into: the initially system may print the initially few millimeters in orange, and so stop so Vicky can alter filament. The 2nd system may print the upcoming few millimeters in white, and so on until the object is fish.

Discovering this technique has opened up a world of creative possibilities for Vicky. “Before, I may manually pause the prints to alter filament colors, that intended I had to remain a fewwhat closely tethered to the printing device—less than optimal when you are parenting tiny children,” she explained. “Now I let my system run and finish on its own, and I begin the upcoming color on my time. It is created me a much additional engaged mother to my 4-year-old and my 2-year-old!”
3D printing her virtual designs has earned the talented manufacturer a few extra cash, but has in addition given her a fewthing additional important: A sense of empowerment. Vicky actually has a few words of advice for amateur manufacturers appearing to follow in her footsteps: She recommends storeing a spreadsheets of prints, in order to store track of what works and what does not.

“Don’t be afraid of failed prints,” she adds. “This is not a medium to be afraid of failures. This is a medium to embrace failure! Equiteone has them. Equiteone. Even super-high tech companies with industrial printing devices have them. But afraid of failed prints? The just sure-fire technique I’ve discovered — get by yourself a toddler. They don’t care if your overhangs are sloppy or if you have a stringy print. They’ll play with equitething—great prints, bad prints, rafts, assist material, skirt remnants, you name it. Equitething is a successful print to a toddler.”
With Vicky’s 3D printed birds flying off the shelves, there are unquestionably opportunities out there for amateur turn it intoers to manufacture a swift buck through 3D printing.

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