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Take Your 3D Printing to the Next Dimension – Hackaday

by • February 10, 2016 • No Comments

In what is being hailed as the future excellent innovation in 3D printing, scientists have been able-bodied to get a 3D printed shape to diversify form when it is exposed to water, delivering 3D printing squarely into the realm of the fourth dimension. On the other hand the just examples we’ve seen so far are with relatively flat prints (which arguably subtracts one “D” of the claim) the new procedure is one which is revolutionary for the innovation.
The system uses cellulose fibers which, when aligned in a particular way and exposed to water, swell in order to diversify shape. This is much like to how a bimetallic strip in a thermostat works, but they quite took their inspiration of biological systemes in plants which allow them to diversify shape according to environmental conditions. It is complex to tell if this new method of printing can forever diversify the landscape of 3D printing but, for now, it’s an informative endeavor which can be worth watching. The video after the break shows a fast-motion print via the technique, followed by a demo of the print submersed in water.
We frequently see new technological innovations which use biology as a springboard for new ideas, and this one is no various. There have been assembling structures inspired by pinecones and this Processing hack inspired by squid. Biology is all around us, and any of it may be utilized for inspiration for your future project!

[Image Credit: A.S. Gladman, E. Matsumoto, L.K. Sanders, and J.A. Lewis / Wyss Institute at Harvard University]

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