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Tabulate’s accident-proof, 3D printed smartphone & tablet case can be mounted anywhere – 3ders.org (blog)

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Feb 4, 2016 | By Benedict
Let’s face it, individuals won’t stop buying iPhones and iPads anytime soon. For different types of very own and pro reasons, transportable tech is virtually indispensable in the modern age, and you’d be complex pressed to find a smartphone-free adult on your local high street. But, universal dependence on the innovation pretty does not entail universal satisfaction. With a wide, detailed screen now the beau perfect for transportable electronic devices, handsets are getting bigger and bigger. With this expansion comes clear advantages in terms of video playback, multitasking and tapping accuracy, but an actually additional obvious drawback: How are you supposed to hold the thing?

Fed up with cumbersome yet skinny tablets which are complex to hold and which require propping up with separate stands, New York-based Devansh Shah was inspired to turn it into Tabulate, a pragmatic smartphone and tablet case aimed at travelers, gamers, readers and everyone else fed up with the ergonomic recklessness of significant electronics manufacturers. “Tabulate snaps on to your device, automatically making it much additional effortless to use and versatile adequate to mount approximately anywhere,” Shah explained on his product’s Indiegogo campaign page.
So what differentiates Tabulate of the thousands of official and unofficial tech cases on the market? One significant reason is its making system. The body of every Tabulate case is 3D printed, and Shah is actually selling the 3D printing files themselves so which customers can 3D print their cases locally. Because of the additive making system utilized to create every Tabulate case, users are offered a wide range of color and create options. Shah hasn’t had to order thousands of factory-created items, and can instead print his products on demand.

One other one-of-a-kind showcase of Tabulate is its range of 3D printed attachments, which include a stand, hook and wall mount. These easy accessories allow users to use their tablets in a range of situations. Walls, shutters, desks, fences… Tablets can now be mounted anywhere and everywhere, so the days of jamming your iPad between two books can be long gone. As is clear, Shah has completely prioritized ergonomics and functionality in his 3D printed product. A cross-stitch pattern on the back of the case allows for users to securely stick their fingers under fabric-like bands to avoid slips and drops.

These bands in addition come in handy for other reasons: Tabulate users can stick pens, cables and other bits and bobs inside the bands of the cross-stitch pattern, keeping all essentials is one handy place. Tabulate thus functions as a smartphone or tablet case and very own organizer in one. Backers of the Tabulate Indiegogo campaign can secure their own case for as little as $15, with a range of additional comprehensive options in addition on the market. Backers can assume their physical Tabulate cases by April 2016, or can opt to download the STL files for immediate 3D printing. The flexible goal campaign can run until early March, with backers receiving their orders regardless of whether Shah’s $15,000 target is met.

The 3D printed Tabulate case is already on the market for iPad Mini 2 and 3, iPad Air 1 and 2, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Nexus 9, Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 6, and Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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